Halo Is Fine, Actually: Studio Boss Claims Series Will Continue After Layoffs

Halo developer 343 Industries was apparently badly hit by the recent layoffs at Microsoft. Studio Head Pierre Hintze now tried to reassure everyone, that the series will continue to go on.

Halo Infinite
Is Halo going to be fine? | © Microsoft

It's been a rough few weeks for all Halo fans. After Microsoft announced to fire over 10,000 people, it was revealed that developer 343 Industries was hit hard by those cuts. This obviously didn't instill a lot of confidence in the future of the beloved franchise, which has struggled to really get going with Halo Infinite.

But, don't worry folks: everything is fine. That's at least what the 343 boss Pierre Hintze recently said in a public statement. Is there still hope left for Halo?

"Halo And Master Chief Are Here To Stay"

In a short but punchy statement on the official Halo Twitter channel, Studio Head Pierre Hintze is quoted with saying "Halo and Master Chief are here to stay". Hintze reassures fans, that 343 will continue to develop Halo "now and in the future".

While it's not directly acknowledging that, this is obviously a response after last week's layoffs and the doomsaying that's been going on regarding Halo Infinite and 343. And to be fair: Hintze is not a nobody, especially in the community. He is highly regarded for taking charge while the Master Chief Collection was developed and managing to massively improve the state of the game, making it arguably 343's most popular Halo release.

So, fans are obviously hoping now, that he can have a similar effect on Halo Infinite, as you can see in the replies to the Tweet above. Maybe there is some hope left after all.

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