Hardcore Zelda Fan Is Camping For 72 hours To Get Tears of the Kingdom... AFTER Everyone Else

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will release in only a few hours, but this fan has really gone above and beyond. He has been waiting in line for the Nintendo Store to open since TUESDAY!

Zelda totk fans
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fan has been waiting in line for 3 days | © Nintendo/Twitter-user: OfficialCND

We are all waiting for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to finally get released in a few hours, but this fan has gone above and beyond by waiting in line for 72 hours.

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No, this is not the line for a Harry Styles concert... These fans in New York are waiting for the Nintendo Store to open, so that they can get the stores' first sold copy of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. First in line is the YouTuber "Alex CND", who is known for his Nintendo content, but most importantly was also the first person in line when the Nintendo Switch console came out in 2017.

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Alex is certainly a bit of a celebrity among Nintendo fans, and we can all understand the excitement surrounding the release of Tears of the Kingdom.

However, most of us probably wouldn't go so far as to camp outside the Nintendo Store for three whole days. But why is Alex doing it, you might ask? After all, the New York Nintendo Store doesn't follow a first come, first served principle, and only those with a Warp Pipe Pass will be able to purchase the game in-store.

In fact, Alex won't have any advantage in being the first in line, since the store doesn't open until morning, meaning he'll receive the game a few hours after everyone else who pre-ordered the digital version.

Nevertheless, he's doing it simply for the fun of it, which I find quite admirable. Alex and everyone else waiting in line are simply expressing their enthusiasm and passion for this highly-anticipated Zelda title. It's truly beautiful to see how this community can come together and have a good time in their shared excitement for the game.

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