Who Are All These New Characters In The Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Trailer?

The newest Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer has not only revealed several characters that are already known to us, but also a bunch of new ones. Here is what we know about the unknown faces from the latest Zelda TotK trailer.

Zelda totk new characters
Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer reveals new characters | © Nintendo

The latest released trailer for Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has blown our minds and hyped us up for this game like never before. There are so many things that Nintendo revealed here and we can't even begin to name them all. What shocked us the most in this trailer were all the characters that Nintendo revealed. We not only got to see some familiar faces who will make a comeback in this game, but also some entirely new ones.

Just read on and we will tell you everything you should know about the identity of these mysterious new characters. Yes, we're also talking about the GOAT.... Zonai... thing.

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Zelda. Tears of the Kingdom – All New Characters

In the latest Zelda TotK trailer, we got introduced to several new faces. Some of these characters, like the mysterious goat, were part of the big art book leak from a few months ago. Until now, we didn't really know anything about them, but the new trailer has finally shed light on the whole thing. Here is everything we know:

Zonai Tribe Leader

Zelda totk zonai
Is this Goat creature the Zonai king? | © Nintendo

This character was the most present in the latest trailer, but not without reason... We're certain that they are going to play a bigger role in Tears of the Kingdom. This mysterious goat creature already appeared in the gigantic art book leak from February, and has since then been stuck in our minds. Now we know that they are part of the Zonai tribe, or maybe it is even THE Zonai that we're talking about.

A clip in the trailer shows how they stand in front of Zelda and tell her that they rely on their knight and the legendary sword he carries, and that Link is their last line of defense.

The Zonai is an ancient tribe of Barbarians and an extinct civilization in Breath of the Wild. It seems that after the events of BotW, the Zonai are somehow returning to Hyrule to help defeat Ganondorf once more. There isn't much we know about this tribe, because all we ever saw of them in Breath of the Wild, were ancient and crackled ruins of buildings and towers in the Faron region.

Ganondorf Is Back In Human Form

Zelda totk ganondorf
Ganondorf is back alive in Tears of the Kingdom | © Nintendo

Unexpected, but still not a surprise. Ganondorf returns in his human form. Ganon's new and "rehydrated" version looks very similar to the design from Twilight Princess, which we love. Although we don't know how or why he was resurrected, we can agree on one thing:He looks better than ever.

On Twitter, Zelda fans from all over the world are already pining for him, and the hype around our favorite villain is growing. Of course this is no surprise because he definitely looks daddy... sorry.

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Is This The Goddess Hylia?

Zelda totk hylia
Goddess Hylia in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom | © Nintendo

We could already see this character in the art book leak. And unfortunately, we don't really know much more about her now than we did two months ago. It was long suspected that she might be goddess Hylia, but there is no evidence for that yet.

She does look suspiciously similar to Zelda though, maybe not necessarily the TotK and BotW version of Zelda, but other versions from older games show a lot of similarity with her. One thing we did notice is that she is wearing the same earrings as Zelda in the latest trailer... Since we assume that the princess is with the Zonai, this girl could also have a connection to the tribe.

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Breath of the Wild Champions Are Returning

Zelda totk sidon riju
The champions will assist Link | © Nintendo

Although these characters are of course not new to you, I felt it was still necessary to mention them. The original Breath of the Wild champions are finally going to pass on the hatchet to their descendants and successors Riju, Sidon, Tulin and Yunobo. Since Breath of the Wild sometimes felt a bit lonely, we're excited to see how it will be in Tears of the Kingdom. Apparently, we'll get a bit more company now, which is fantastic!

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