Hogwarts Legacy QA-Tester Confirms Swimming & Underwater Exploration

One of the QA-testers for Hogwarts Legacy recently revealed that both swimming and underwater diving will be possible in Hogwarts Legacy. Fans are thrilled as this opens up the Black Lake for potential exploration.

Hogwarts Legacy Swimming
We can dive underwater in Hogwarts Legacy! | © Portkey Games

The Hogwarts Legacy release date is fast approaching, and fans are beginning to wonder whether the pre-order bonus content is worth it (not to mention the PlayStation exclusive content). But no matter how or when you buy the game, we have some great news to : underwater swimming has now been confirmed.

Hogwarts Legacy Playtester Confirms Underwater Swimming

We've known for a while that you can swim in Hogwarts Legacy, but until now we believed that you could only swim on the surface, rather than actually diving beneath the surface. However, thanks to a recent Reddit Q&A with one of the playtesters, we can now confirm that "you can dive underwater in the game – conditionally". This is obviously fantastic news as it opens up the Black Lake for exploration.

But what about that "conditionally"? Should we be worried? Almost certainly not. This probably just means that to stay underwater we need to use magical assistance. And as anyone familiar with The Goblet of Fire will tell you, there are tons of ways to do this in the Wizarding World:

  • Use a Bubble-head Charm.
  • Consume Gillyweed.
  • Partially transfigure yourself into a fish.

The list goes on.

So there you have it folks, the world of Hogwarts Legacy just got even bigger, or rather... deeper.

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