Honkai Star Rail Short Film Releases Out Of Nowhere

HoYoverse did it again! Without much of a warning, they released a new Honkai Star Rail short film called “A Flash”. Let's look into the nitty-gritty details of this 4:30 minutes long goosebumps generator.

Star rail A flash film
The brand new Honkai Star Rail short film really is eye-candy! | © HoYoverse

Honkai Star Rail's brand new short film “A Flash” really is an eye-catcher to say the least. A beautiful animated video paired with atmospheric musical background
and some bits and pieces of unreleased content works wonders to generate
hype for their newest game. HoYoverse has always treated us to quite a few cinematic shorts for Genshin Impact as well, while having huge success with it.

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Now they took it a step further and created some well-rounded movie-like shorts for their newest game Honkai Star Rail as well. Let's take a look at the most recent release!

Honkai Star Rail Short Film Releases Out Of Nowhere

Just a little Tweet the night before HoYoverse released “A Flash”, could prepare us for what's about to come. While teasing that the animation will be about a teacher and a student training their skills with the blades, they weren't giving away any further details other than its release date the day after.

Rather unprepared, the short movie caught many of us off guard this morning. But it for sure was a good way to start off your day!

A Flash Reveals Upcoming Characters' Background

There is a lot to unravel in this 4:30 minutes short video. Next to its stunning animations and beautiful music, we get to know one, and potentially even two, of the upcoming characters a little bit better.

To understand what's about to come, you should check out “A Flash” for yourself. — Trust me, it is worth the 4:30 minutes:

This music really gave me goosebumps …

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Jing Yuan's Way Of Becoming A Cloud Knight

In the beginning, we can see our potential main character for this little journey: Jing Yuan! He is by the way the next 5-Star character after Seele's banner ended. He is in, what looks to be, a very intense fight with a red-eyed lady, who is standing on top of a collapsed building.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan and his teacher fighting
Jing Yuan seems to be in a lot of trouble! | © HoYoverse

After a brief moment, we find out, that the dangerously looking lady is Jing Yuan's former master, or at least what is left of her. Just seconds later, we traveled back in time to be part of a ceremony in which a younger version of Jing Yuan is swearing an oath to the Cloud Knights in front of his teacher, Jingliu.

Star Rail A Flash
Little Jing Yuan swearing his oath to the Cloud Knights. | © HoYoverse

Heed this oath:

"As clouds that cover the heavens will the Knights protect the Xianzhou!"

But all of those happy childhood memories are gone by now, and Jing Yuan has to raise its blade against the person, who taught him how to swing it so many years ago. The safety of the Xianzhou is his first priority, even if that means he has to defeat his master in order to protect his and her beliefs. An epic fight breaks out, and both parties are not just here to mess around anymore.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan and his master fighting
The epic battle between Jing Yuan and his former master is about to get hot! | © HoYoverse

In the middle of the fight, Jing Yuan remembers a similar situation, which he already had to experience a long time ago as Jingliu's protégé. One of their comrades was afflicted by Mara, causing him to lose his mind and not recognize his comrades. Jingliu explained to the little Jing Yuan that if she was to be possessed by Mara someday, he too might have to defeat her as well.

Honkai Star Rail corrupted Jingliu
Jingliu's mind has been corrupted by the Mara. | © HoYoverse

This day came faster than Jing Yuan had hoped for. Jingliu's eyes turned red, and with them, her heart was corrupted. The action-packed fight enters the second round and Jing Yuan took a heavy blow. He gathered all his courage, overcame his pain and stood up to face his teacher for one last time.

Honkai Star Rail Jing Yuan defeating his teacher
Jing Yuan's final attack is about to end this fight. | © HoYoverse

He unleashes his most powerful attack on her, giving it all he has left. In her last moments, Jingliu recognizes her former student, and is more than relieved that he is the one killing her. After all, he is grown into a responsible Knight, who is fulfilling even his hardest duties.

In the very end, we can see the grown up Jing Yuan, training his own student and sharing Jingliu's wisdom with him.

“A Cloud Knight must never let slip their weapon, not let slacken their form …”
Honkai Star Rail Jin Yuan and Yanqing
Jing Yuan and Yanqing training together just like Jingliu would wanted it. | © HoYoverse

The student is no other than Yanqing, who is already a playable 5-Star character in Honkai Star Rail. His ambition is to become as strong and famous as Jing Yuan himself to be able to one day protect the Xianzhou as well.

Since it was already predicted by the community, it is safe to say that Jingliu herself will be a soon to play character in Honkai Star Rail. That leaves fans really excited since her play style looks more than exciting from what we can see in the short movie.

But first it's Jing Yuan's time to be featured on the next upcoming Limited Character Event Banner! He for sure got some new fans in his side after that epic fight! Will you pull for him?

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