Horizon Forbidden West Leaked

Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online! Beware of spoilers!

Horizon Forbidden West Leaks
The game has been leaked online. | © Sony

Who else is excited for the February release of Horizon Forbidden West? Would you want to know what awaits you and Aloy on the next journey? Well, thanks to some leaks you might be able to know far more than you wished.

A version of Horizon Forbidden West has leaked online and fans are being spoiled ahead of the release of the game – so watch out if you want a spoiler-free experience when playing the official release.

Is The Horizon Forbidden West Really Legitimate?

VGC reported the leak of an early Horizon Forbidden West build leak online. The leak came out on Monday, January 10, when images of a PS4 version of the PlayStation exclusive hit the internet. The fact that images of the leaked build were quickly removed due to copyright only shows that this leak is the real deal.

VGC has also explained that the leak is real and that much of the final content has been revealed. So anyone who wants to play the official version without spoilers should put Horizon Forbidden West into their muted category on Twitter.

Can You Play Horizon Forbidden West Early?

Currently, there don’t seem to be any playable versions of the leak circulating online. The files do not seem to be shared on any file-sharing sites, but Sony will continue to keep an eye out for any spoilers online.

Horizon Forbidden West is set to become one of the biggest releases this year and the publisher does not want the release to be ruined by early story spoilers on social media.

Horizon Forbidden West
Build leaks have come out! | © Sony

When Will Horizon Forbidden West be Released?

The game is set to be released on February 18, 2022. Horizon Forbidden West was announced back in June 2020 for the PlayStation 5. The PS4 version was also announced in September 2020, which is the version the leaks came from.

February will be a huge month for game releases with Elden Ring also set to release by the end of February. Will the leaks have any effect on the future sales of Horizon Forbidden West? We will have to wait to find out.