How To Play Charizard in Pokémon Unite

Pokemon Unite how to play charizard
How to play Charizard in Pokémon Unite? We got you covered. | © Pokémon Company

Charizard in a MOBA. Wet dreams do come true. Thanks, Pokémon Unite. If you want to main Charizard in Pokémon Unite, but don't know how to play Charizard, then we've got the Pokémon Unite guide you were looking for.

Pokémon Unite is here, and the hype is already through the roof. Everyone is dying to play the Pokémon 5v5 MOBA, and it's ranking high up on Twitch. Of, course we are just as hyped, so we'll be providing you with a lot of Pokémon Unite How-To guides.

Listen, we've got all the Pokémon Unite guides... need other Pokémon? Easy:

How To Play Charizard in Pokémon Unite

Charizard Guide: Basics

Charizard is an all-rounder, which makes it a good pick for players who can't decide what to specialize in. Or... you know, for people who want to mess ish up with Fing Charizard. Seriously, though, Charizard has good offense and his endurance is just as high. He's also mobile and has a solid 3-star rating in scoring. His only poor rating is support, but then again... it's Charizard. Charizard doesn't support, duh. All in all, Charizard is a good pick for beginners who are trying to shine solo.

  • Offense: 3.5/5
  • Endurance 3/5
  • Mobility 2.5/5
  • Scoring 3/5
  • Support 0.5/5

Charizard Guide: Evolution

Charizard will start the game as Charmander and evolve to Charmeleon at level 4, before turning into everybody's favorite dragon at level 9.

Charizard Guide: Unique Abilities

  • Blaze – Blaze is Charizard's passive and increases the critical hit-rate against opponents when you are below 50% HP. Naturally, this means you get more and more dangerous, the more health you lose – so don't run from battles just because you took a couple hits: The longer the fight goes on, the more you are favored to win it,
  • Basic Attack – The basic attack increases in range when you evolve and does more damage on opponents that are burning. This means: Set your opponents on fire and follow up with your basic attack.

Charizard Guide: Moves

Level 1

  • Fire Spin | 10s cooldown – Fire spin will damage and slow opponents with a vortex of fire.
  • Flame Burst | 6s cooldown – As the name suggests, this is a bursting flame. This attack will burn your opponent, so do follow up with basic attacks for extra damage.

How to build: Generally, Flame Burst is the better attack of the two, due to the fact that it causes continuous damage and works well with your basic attack.

Level 5

  • Flamethrower | 7s cooldown – Exactly what you think it is: Fire that burns opponents. The upgrade will increase the damage and burn.
  • Fire Punch | 6s cooldown – An attack from above. The upgrade reduces the cooldown with every basic attack.

How to build: We recommend Flamethrower. It has burn damage, which is essential for Charizard. Fire Punch is an option if you prefer mobility, since the dash can get you out of sticky situations.

Level 7

  • Fire Blast | 11s cooldown – Slows the opponent and does damage over time. The upgrade increases the damage.
  • Fire Blitz | 10s cooldown – Charge forward with a shield that damages opponents in your path. The upgrade slows all opponents that are hit.

How to build: Fire Blitz is a solid defense move, as well as more added mobility. In combination with Fire Punch, it can make Charizard quite mobile. Fire Blast, naturally, does more damage and slows opponents, so you can follow up with burn and basic attacks.

Level 9 – Charizard Unite Move

  • Seismic Slam – Charizard suplexes the enemy for maximum damage.

Seismic Slam is guaranteed against single enemies only. It's basically your free one-shot kill if you time it right.

Charizard Guide: Item Build

  • Held Items | Go with Float Stone, Muscle Band and Shell Bell.
  • Battle Item | Eject Button or X-Attack.

Float Stone gives you added mobility, which Charizard definitely needs. Muscle Band and Shell Bell, add damage to your basic attack and boost your critical hit damage. Since Charizard is mainly built around damage, it only makes sense to amplify that.

Eject Button is necessary to counter Charizard's low mobility and have an escape tool. If you do build with Fire Blitz and Fire Punch though and feel mobile enough, X-Attack is a good option for extra damage.

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