Hoyoverse Just Revealed Two Playable Characters For Genshin Impact Patch 3.5

The Genshin Impact Patch 3.4 is just around the corner, but Hoyoverse has already revealed the new characters coming to version 3.5.

Dehya Cutscene
Genshin Impact new characters for Version 3.5 confirmed! | © Hoyoverse

Hoyoverse has just revealed new playable characters for Genshin Impact Version 3.5! While Patch 3.4 is practically on the way and about to release in two days, we now already got the next big news.

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Genshin Impact Version 3.5 New Characters Confirmed

One big news after another, and this time it is huge! Hoyoverse has just confirmed two new playable characters for version 3.5 on Twitter. We're about to get a 4-star and a 5-star character that fans have been dying for. Here is everything we know:

Mika, who we know from the event "Of Ballads and Brews", will become a playable 4-star character in V.3.5. He is a front-line land surveyor of the Knights of Favonius and Huffman's younger brother. Mika is a Cryo character and if we can trust recent leaks, he is most likely to have a polearm as weapon (although the book on his picture points to a magic catalyst...)

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The second character that Hoyoverse announced is Dehya, she is a powerful five-star character, that we first met in Chapter III of the Archon Quests. She also goes by the nick-name "Flame-Mane" which tells us a lot about her vision, which is clearly Pyro. In the cutscene, where she fights the Eremites, we can see that she is a Claymore fighter. Her reveal is met with a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm by the community due to her popularity and beloved status.

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So, Mika and Dehya are coming in Version 3.5! How exciting! We hope, you are looking forward to this as much as we are.

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