One of the Scariest Games Is Available for Free

Get your spook on thanks to Epic Games Store: One of the scarier games is going to be available to download for free, so you can have a spooky weekend.

In Sound Mind Epic Games Store free
A kid with a mask. Giggling. Nope. I'm out. | © In Sound Mind

If you're considering a weekend indoors, getting cozy in a dimly lit room, and enjoying some good old horror, then this is just the weekend for you, thanks to the Epic Games Store.

In Sound Mind - Free on Epic Games Store

In Sound Mind is available for free on the Epic Games Store, and you can download it by clicking this link right here.

The game is a psychological horror game, and has you waking up into a nightmare: You come to in the corridors of a inexplicable building, and discover a bunch of victims that were exposed to some experimental chemical. The gameplay then revolves around you seraching for answers, while having bizarre visions, and just getting your fair share of scares.

This is all pieced around a lot of puzzling, some awesome boss fights, and packaged into a 10-hour long game.

If that wasn't enough, the game's soundtrack is provided by The Living Tombstone, the very person who is behind the music in Five Nights at Freddy's, so you kind of know what you can expect there: Quality.

The game is available for free until March 24, after which it will go back to costing around $30. So... if you're looking for some good horror, you either pounce now, or, if Epic isn't for you, you can wtry to hunt down this game, which is so scary, it had to be removed from Steam.