Is XDefiant On Consoles?

The FPS market is dominated by PC players, but is XDefiant giving console players a chance to play?

Is XDefiant on consoles? | © Ubisoft

XDefiant is one of the most popular new games on the market. The Ubisoft original is a first-person shooter that takes inspiration from the golden age of Call of Duty. This is no surprise either, as there are several ex-Call of Duty developers/players on the development team. So far, in the game's beta period, players have been loving the fast-paced action and plethora of content available to them. However, there are some players in the community that are curious if XDefiant will be coming to their system.

Specifically, console players are wondering if XDefiant is another PC exclusive FPS title or if the game is available for them to play as well. Below, you can see all of the answers to this question.

XDefiant: All Maps

XDefiant on consoles

Fortunately for all console warriors in 2023, XDefiant is currently playable on all of the major consoles. This includes both the last and current-generation consoles. So whether you're on a PlayStation 4 or 5 or an Xbox One or Series X|S, you can currently play the XDefiant public beta (if you have a code). XDefiant will also be free-to-play when it fully launches, meaning players don't have to spend a penny on it.

Unfortunately, XDefiant will not be coming to the Nintendo Switch, as far as we know. It also won't be available on Steam for PC players, meaning Steam Deck users will have to boot into Windows 10 in order to get XDefiant running on that handheld system.

The public beta for XDefiant concludes on April 23, and then after that, we are unsure of when its official release date will be. The beta presented a plethora of issues that the developers will have to fix before a release date is announced. The netcode, servers, and other bugs in the game all need to be patched.

However, whenever a release date is announced, console players will be able to download and play XDefiant.