Forget TLOU, This Game Will Blow Your Mind Even More

Are you ready for a video game inspired by the novel The Bird That Drinks Tears? It's coming in hot.

The bird that drinks tears
What are these graphics, omg. | © Krafton

Krafton. A company you might only know from PUBG: Battlegrounds, but should watch out for. This company will take the video game industry by storm and have just released a trailer for their new announced project that proves as much.

Have you ever heard of The Bird That Drinks Tears? It's a bestselling Korean novel written by Lee Yeongdo that you have to read if you haven't already. That book is so mindblowingly good that Krafton has decided to use it as inspiration for their upcoming fantasy adventure game.

I'm so excited, I can't even get the facts out right. So, before I continue, watch the trailer first and be amazed at graphics that easily rival TLOU (both Part II and I).

The character in the trailer is also the main character of the book called Kagan Draca, also called the Nhaga Slayer. Quite honestly, I could go into detail here, but if you haven't read the book it's not going to mean much to you. Let me just tell you: it's an amazing story.

The violence in the trailer has our guts churning, so I assume that you need some strong nerves to play through this game.

You will have time to prepare yourself, though. Krafton is still looking for talent to join them and bring this game to life, and it doesn't even have a title yet. This trailer was also just a concept trailer, so just a first look at what's to come... in the future. The release date is a long way off.

If you can't wait for the game or are maybe even interested in applying to work there, you can find everything you want on their official website. I hope you get ready because this game will change the industry forever.