Sony Will Launch a New PS5

Sony is throwing a new PS5 model into the mix, which seems to be the best choice for everyone that doesn't already own a PS5.

New ps5 model detachable disc drive
Saints Row allows you to be anyone. | © Aitor Markaida

A little birdie told me that Sony is releasing a new PS5, though, to be fair, that PS5 isn't exactly going to reinvent the console. Rather this new model will come with a detachable disc drive, which kind of makes the other PS5 models obsolete... but let's break this down.

New PS5 Model With Detachable Disc Drive

The overhaul is said to happen mid-2023 and the new PS5 model is meant to launch around September 2024. Specifically, this PS5 redesign will come with a detachable disc drive, which will be connected to the PS5 via an extra USB-C port. Basically, it's an all digital model that gives you the option to run discs - or to break it down even further: It's hybrid of the existing models.

You'll probably notice that this redesign would make the original PS5 models obsolete, and it is meant to: The newly designed PS5 will slowly replace the ones that have been around since launch. Aside from the detachable disc drive, the PS5 will look identical and also doesn't come with any technological or performance differences. There's no word on whether this detachable disc drive will plug into the existing all-digital PS5 models, but since they only have one USB-C drive, it's not ideally suited for the new hardware anyway.