Leak: Goldeneye 007 Coming To Xbox

A bunch of Goldeneye 007 Xbox achievements have leaked online. Is this a confirmation that Goldeneye 007 is coming to Xbox?

Goldeneye 007 xbox
Could this be true? | © Eon Productions/Rare

It's so interesting to see how people react to classic games getting a remaster or a remake. The hype is absolutely insane. Goldeneye 007 has been played by so many in their youths, so a leak like this is bound to get people excited. But what has happened that got people to talk about this classic? Are we finally getting that remaster or remake for Goldeneye 007?

Is Goldeneye 007 Coming To Xbox?

There's this website called TrueAchievements. They list every single Xbox achievement ever and over New Year's, they discovered 55 Xbox achievements for Goldeneye 007... despite there not being any news about Goldeneye 007 releasing on Xbox.

We unfortunately didn't get more than that... like that's literally all there is to it. Is this a remake? Is this a remaster? Is this something else entirely? No clue, honestly. But there is a reason that these have appeared in the Xbox database, so we 100% believe that something related to Goldeneye 007 is coming soon.

It would also be a smart move if Microsoft somehow managed to get Goldeneye 007 onto Xbox. Starfield, Skyrim and Goldeneye 007? PlayStation users are quaking.

Remasters and remakes are incredibly important these days. Many companies rather focus on those than make new games (ahem, Rockstar, ahem). And you know what? It works. We know it works, because we buy the remakes and remasters every damn time.

Why? Because we loved the original. I can't tell you how many times I've replayed the Mass Effect series, but when the Legendary Edition released, I bought that game in an instant.

And how many times have we reported on all those GTA and Red Read Redemption remaster leaks... we live for that.

So if you're worried about missing out on any news regarding the Goldeneye 007... something, then you just have to come back to EarlyGame, because we thrive on remasters and remakes and will give you guys an update on this article once we know anything more.