Lost Ark Guide: How To Get The Whistle Emote

Lost Ark has tons of fun emotes. The Whistle emote is not just funny though, you actually need it to get some cool rewards. Here's how you can find the whistle emote in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Whistle
Let's find out how to whistle in Lost Ark! | © Smilegate

Do you remember that song about whistling? Was it Flo Rida, mid-2000s? Something like that... whistle me, baby? Nevermind, we're not here to talk about Flo Rida, we're here to talk about another kind of whistling, the Whistle emote in Lost Ark. Just like any MMO or really any game worth its salt, Lost Ark has a ton of fun emotes. But we are not here to just entertain you, but because the Whistle emote is actually pretty useful in the game, as you will need it to build Rapport with an NPC in Lost Ark, who will give you great rewards for it. So, let's check out how to get the emote!

Where Can You Find The Whistle Emote In Lost Ark?

You can get the Whistle emote on the Azure Wind Island, south of Rohendel and north of Yorn. You will find it, don't worry. Before you go to this island, we recommend that you have at least Level 50 and Gearscore 800. So yes, the Azure Wind Island is more of a late game area, so you will have to grind for a little while before you can get the Whistle emote in Lost Ark.

How Do You Get The Whistle Emote In Lost Ark?

The Whistle emote is a reward for achieving a level 3 reputation in the "Ruffians in the Ground" quest on the Azure Wind Island. Do this, and you will get the Whistle emote as a reward. But how exactly can you get that done? We'll show you:

  1. Reach Level 50 to unlock Una's Tasks
  2. Go to the Azure Wind Island
  3. Start the Azure Wind Island main questline
  4. Reach The Mane of the Azure Wind
  5. Complete and repeat the Ruffians in the Ground quest, which is part of Una's Daily Tasks, until you have a Level 3 reputation

And that's it! Congratulations, you can now activate the Whistle emote from your inventory. It's not really hard to get whistlin' in Lost Ark, you just need to find the Azure Wind Island, do enough quests and then just grind out the right one.

What Do I Need The Whistle Emote For?

You need to use the Whistle Emote to build rapport with the NPC Nagi, who is located in Nia. You will definitely want to do this, since building up rapport with Nagi gives you amazing rewards in Lost Ark. For fully building up your relationship, Nagi gives you a bunch of items and a whopping 2,200 gold. So, if you want to get tons of gold in Lost Ark, you absolutely need to go and start whistling for your babe. But we recommend getting the emote anyway, because hey... who doesn't love a good whistle. And maybe it's not gold you're after in Lost Ark, so you don't really need Nagi. In that case, we would highly recommend our guide on how to farm a ton of Pirate Coins in Lost Ark, so you're fully prepared for your naval adventures.