Leak: Mad Max 2 Is Coming

Mad Max was one of last generation's better action games, and it should come as no surprise that the game seems to be getting a sequel.

Mad max 2 game sequel
Yes, Mad Max was as good as this picture looks. | © Avalanche Studios

Mad Max is the best Rocksteady game that isn't a Rocksteady game. Hell, Mad Max is so good, that it puts some of Rocksteady's outings to shame (actually, nah, all of Rocksteady's games are lit). That game was visceral, had great graphics, a great open-world, great driving, amazing combat... it was just a fine a** game, even though it was a brand-new franchise. I'm one of many people that was hoping for a sequel, and now it seems us fans are getting what we want.

Mad Max 2 in Development

The tweet above is the source of all this leaking, and it seems to be a very reliable one. After all, why would anyone take a 3D scan for a Mad Max game that is not in development? Still, pinches of salt are always a good idea, and the internet seems to suggest that this scan could actually for a different game.

As for me, though, I do believe this is a surefire sign that Mad Max 2 is happening. Besides, the first Mad Max game released in the same year as Mad Max: Fury Road, and it's recently been announced that we are getting a sequel to the movie in 2024. It only makes sense to release the game's sequel alongside the next movie. Also, seeing how good the first game was, I'm wet at the thought of what Avalanche Studios will be able to deliver on the next gen consoles.