Metal Gear Voice Actor Hints at Upcoming Announcement

Metal Gear Rising is celebrating its 10-year anniversary soon, which has some fans thinking that there could be a huge announcement in the works. This could actually be true according to the voice actor of Raiden.

Metal Gear Rising Art
Will there be some epic news for Metal Gears fans soon? | © Konami

Metal Gear fans sit down and take a deep breath. There might be a big announcement imminent in your future. At least according to Quinton Flynn who voices Raiden in Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

This was announced on the voice actor's Twitter, but he did not go into too many details of what might await Metal Gear fans.

News on Upcoming Game Could Be Revealed during 10-Year Anniversary

Quinton Flynn shared a video of himself shifting through the voices of different game characters he's voiced throughout his career, advertising his Cameo service. This, of course, included his iconic voice of Raiden from the Metal Gear series.

Some fans noted under the post that the 10-year anniversary was quickly approaching, taking place next month. Can you believe that it's been ten years already since the release of Metal Gear Rising? How time flies...

But enough lamenting our age and time to think of what could happen in the next month or so. Another Twitter user questioned whether fans will get more information on a potential Metal Gear Rising 2 reveal during the 10-year anniversary, to which Quinton Flynn himself replied.

Stay tuned for things to be announced in the coming weeks

He added a wink emoji, giving the answer a playful tone, but it had fans going crazy and getting pretty hyped for some news coming soon regarding a sequel to the popular game.

Unfortunately, not much else was said, which means fans are going to have to stay patient and think of what this message could mean, since Konami, the publisher, has also been staying silent on the matter. But this should mean that there is going to be some major news coming soon, right? Or are we just huffing on copium?

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