Microsoft Set To Host Event And Reveal Games In Early 2023, Claims Insider

According to a Microsoft insider, the tech giant is planning to host an event early next year to show new reveals and details on upcoming Xbox games.

Xbox Game Pass 20 Million
Microsoft seems to be planning a big event for early 2023. | © Microsoft

Microsoft has been oddly quiet around The Game Awards 2022, where many exciting games have been shown and revealed. Outside a few Game Pass ads, nothing major has been shown for Xbox, though. This might have a good reason, as an insider revealed that Microsoft could be planning an Xbox showcase for early next year.

Microsoft Planning To Host Games Showcase in Early 2023

This info comes from Jez Corden of Windows Central, a prolific and trusted source on all things Xbox. According to Corden, Microsoft could be planning a bigger showcase for Q1 2023. Here's what he has to say on this rumor:

Microsoft's VP of Xbox Games Marketing Aaron Greenberg recently tweeted that Xbox fans wouldn't have to wait long to find out more of what Xbox has in store for 2023. And indeed, I've heard some tentative, and unverifiable rumors recently that Microsoft may be exploring some kind of event for Q1, possibly in the vein of its X0 events of the pre-pandemic age. The most recent X0 was back in 2019, which offered a decent look at upcoming games while revealing some unannounced ones, such as Grounded. For the sake of Xbox fans, I hope this particular rumor turns out to be true.

Corden himself emphasises, that this rumor is not yet completely verified, so take it at least with a grain of salt. It would make sense for Microsoft to plan something, though. Recently, a list of every Xbox exclusive for 2023 leaked, and that list is pretty long. But some of these games have barely, if ever, been shown.

If Microsoft wants to have a strong 2023 with Xbox, it would only make sense to get the party started early and host a showcase as soon as possible. As soon as we hear more about this event, we will let you know immediately.

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