Microtransactions & Store Removed! Microsoft Devs Give In To Community Request

Leaked screenshots from 2021 showed a store in the upcoming game Redfall, but the devs have now confirmed that by launch the game will have no microtransactions or store. We don't know why they chose to go against the trend of over-monetization, but we support it.

Amazing news for Redfall fans! | © Microsoft

Redfall is still a few months away from release, but you might remember when a bunch of leaks revealed some screenshots of the game back in 2021. Sadly the screenshots have been removed from Imgur, so we can't give you a link. But at that time the game had an in-game store, or at least, that's what the screenshots from 2021 showed.

Fans were upset by the existence of a store, but not surprised. That's just the state of modern gaming, we pessimistically thought. However, it's with great delight that we can now share the following news with you: microtransactions have been removed from Redfall.

  • This will probably make a lot more of you more interested in getting Redfall.

Microtransactions & Store Removed From Redfall

In a recent interview with wccftech, Redfall creative director Harvey Smith confirmed that Redfall would not launch with any microtransactions or a store. That's pretty incredible in 2023.

Here is exactly what he said:

We try to be very clear that there are no microtransactions and there is no store in the game. We're very proud of that.

Does this mean no post-launch content? Absolutely not, but they plan on delivering it in different ways, and not through microtransactions:

We have plans for additional guns, costumes, monsters, characters, and more that we can't talk about right now. But we have a strong year of updates, and it's all either in the current game or it will be DLC. We try to do it as fairly as possible for people.

It sounds like all the post-launch content will be either free or bundled together in a more traditional DLC/expansion package. Harder to argue with that.

Redfall will be released on Tuesday, May 2, 2023. It's coming to Xbox Series X/S & PC, and yes, it will be available day one on Game Pass.

Do you support the decision to remove microtransactions? Or did you not consider them a problem before anyway? We think it depends on the context, but we don't mind premium skins (except for when we get baited like we did with Loba's Swimsuit Skin in Apex).

It's going to be hard to focus on Redfall when we have this to play:

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