MultiVersus: Finn Guide - All Moves, Specials & Perks

In MultiVersus, Finn is a diverse and exciting fighter of the Assassin type. Here's everything you need to know about Finn in MultiVersus, including all moves, the best perks and the best tips to master the fighter.

Multi Versus Finn
MultiVersus Finn guide: Here's everything you need to know about how to master the Adventure Time hero. | © WB Games

MultiVersus is a weird game, I'm sure that much you already knew. It features anyone from any Warner Brothers property, and we really mean anyone. Bugs Bunny, Batman, Jake the Dog and Shaggy fighting each other, no problem. One of our favorite little boys is also in the game, Finn the Human from Adventure Time. Finn is a known hero and monster slayer in the show, so having him in a fighting game makes sense. But how good is the MultiVersus Finn?

Finn might seem like a little boy, but he definitely packs a punch. And he is quick as hell. He combines decent strength and high speed, which makes him a good pick. If you can control him well. We will show you everything you need to know about Finn in MultiVersus, including all moves and combos, his specials and the best perks for him.

MultiVersus Finn: Overview

In MultiVersus, Finn is classed as an Assassin. And you know what that means: he a sneaky MF. Nah, just kidding. It means he is strong and agile, but fairly squishy. You can f**k around, but be ready to also find out. Not everyone can handle that, which is why he is not on top of our MultiVersus tier list. His move set is pretty interesting, though. Parts of it are pretty simple and intuitive. But Finn also has some unique and weird quirks that make him completely different from every other character in the game.

Finn has two special characteristics that players need to master in order to play really will. One of those are his charged attacks. He possesses a lot of charged normal attacks which are powerful and have range. The specialty with Finn is, that he can move while charging his attacks. Game changer! Incredible feature. Definitely get used to that, very useful. The other special feature is his shop mechanic. He can enter a shop during a match and purchase extra speed, armor or a special attack. Very neat, cool and weird. You collect coins by stomping on the people around you, like a true capitalist.

Finn is cool, but who could come to the MultiVersus roster in the future? We have the answer in this video:

All Moves, Specials & Combos

Finn also has a bunch of specials and attacks. Here is every move for Finn in MultiVersus:

Move TypeGroundAir
Neutral AttackChop: Charge a forward chopSlam-Bam-In-A-Can: A kick that breaks armor. Finn will dash behind enemies he kicks. The dash has a cooldown.
Side AttackThe Sword Stuff: Charge a stab that combos into a series of swipes.Flying Sword Moves: A combo of 2 forward sword slashes. The second attack can be charged.

Up Attack

Slasher: Charge an upward slash that launches Finn.Sky Punch: An upward punch.
Down AttackLow Blow, Bro: Charge a plunging stab downward that breaks armor and releases a shockwave that hits multiple times.

Ground Chop: A downward chop.

Neutral SpecialHigh Five, Dude: Finn charges and delivers a powerful high five attack that reflects projectiles. When Finn high fives an ally, he releases a large blast projectile around himself, if the attack charge is high enough.High Five, Dude: Same as ground attack, but Finn bounces back on a hit.
Side SpecialGet Skronked: Finn rushes forward shoulder first, blocking projectiles. If the attack hits, he can act again immediately. If Finn has dropped a gem, he will instead do his air version.Mathmetical Air Dash: Finn does a dashing sword swing. The hit has a sweetspot at the end of the move. If Finn dashes towards a fighter or coin, he moves further and does more damage. If Finn has dropped a gem, he will teleport to its position before the attack.
Up SpecialBackpack Attack: Finn spins his backpack around, repeatedly hitting enemies who are caught in its vacuum. The more coin Finn has, the stronger his final hit is, but he will drop coin on a successful hit.Soaring Backpack Attack: Same as ground attack, but Finn shoots upward.
Down SpecialSweet Deals: Finn shops for goods using his coin. He can buy a stack of hasten to increase his team's move speed, a stack of booty to give his team a projectile shield when he charges attacks or BMO. With BMO, Finn will do a BMO chop instead of shopping.Throwin' Stones: Finn will pay some coin then throw a gem item forward. He will dash to the gem by doing his Aerial Side Special. If he has no coin, he will throw an eaten apple item that does minor damage to enemies.

We mentioned charge attacks, and they are very present in the specials as well. Your best strategy with Finn is to try to find the balance of mobility and strength by always charging up an attack and staying on the move. Finn's attacks are really strong, so he is good for going after KOs. We recommend this combo: launch an enemy with Slasher, then give 'em a good kickin' with Slam-Bam-In-A-Can and finish them off with another charge attack. Delicious stuff.

The shop is a bit tricky to navigate. Thankfully, your partner can collect coins for you as well. However, the super strong backpack attacks will make Finn spill money. They are some of the strongest attacks in his kit and get even stronger the richer you are, so it's important to find a good balance there between smackin' and shoppin'.

Best Perks

Finn has two signature perks in MultiVersus:

  • Going Out of Business: All the items in Finn's shop are discounted by 200 gold for 10 seconds after Finn's ally is rung out. The discount is permanent after Finn reaches 100 damage.
  • On the House: Generate a free gem after connecting a fully charged ground attack.

Both are nice but we definitely recommend the first one. The discount is pretty significant and will always help you out, especially in the later parts of a match. In terms of general perks, we recommend this setup:

Perk NamePerk Effect
Wildcat BrawlerYour team deals 5/10% increased damage with melee attack on the ground.
Painted TargetYour team deals 5/10% increased damage when hitting enemies that are in hitstun.
Speed Force AssistYour team receives 4/8% increased base movement speed.