New Need for Speed Not Coming to PS4 and Xbox One

Need for Speed continues... but not on the last gen consoles. The new entry to the franchise is coming to powerful consoles only.
Need for speed ps5 exclusive
Being on next gen only, means the next Need for Speed won't have to hold back. | © EA

You can't sit with us. For real, you can't. And I'm talking to you, PS4... Xbox One. Your days are numbered. It's been too long and now the first major franchises are choosing to leave you in the dust. In this case, Need for Speed is leaving you in the dust, because its upcoming game is not coming to all of you Last Jenners.

New Need for Speed Is Next Gen Exclusive

It's kind of a big deal, when EA chooses to not bring a franchise to as many systems as possible. EA loves money, and they are not one to necessarily put quality first, but they must be convinced that at this point there are enough PS5s and XBXs out there, because their new game is next-gen only. This is seriously surprising and kind of a big deal, because if EA chooses this path, other big devs might follow suit. It could finally mean that, after all this time, the term next-gen can be dropped and we can simply call these consoles what they are: Current gen, or... simply PlayStation and Xbox. This dragging along of the last-gen is tiresome, and Need for Speed is also done with it: In November 2022, the new Need for Speed will release for PS5 and Xbox Series X only.

The news was broken by Jeff Grubb, who talked about it on his podcast. He also confirmed that the setting will have Miami Underground vibes, so if you're into that but don't have a next-gen console... shame.

Truth be told: With games finally being next gen exclusive, it means they don't have to double down in production, and we can finally see the true next-gen power unleashed. I like it. You can't drag the old along forever.