An All-Time PC Classic Is Coming to Consoles

Rise of Nations is coming to Xbox, in what is one of the best announcements history and RTS fans on consoles are going to get for a while.
Rise of nations xbox
Rise of Nations sees you... rise through the nations. For real. | © Marc Simonetti, Artstation

Rise of Nations is one of the best strategic and historic games out there. It's easily up there with Civilization, and Age of Empires, and is an all-time classic that PC players are still on today. Now that quality is going to earn the game a port to consoles: Rise of Nations popped up as part of the Xbox Spring Sale. Does that mean the game is coming to Xbox? Probably, yeah.

Rise of Nations Coming to Xbox

Honestly, at this point, there is no need calling this a leak or speculating. It's needless to say that a system's official store is the safest source you're gonna get. Some poor intern messed up and accidentally put the game up for a moment, and with the internet being the internet, a moment is enough to be forever.

Of course, with RTS games, there's always the question of how well with this game control on consoles. I'm not usually one to say that game X will not work on a controller, but RTS games do make use of the mouse and keyboard more than any other genre, so this is always a tough one. Sure, enough games made the jump succesfully, but few RTS games on console are as demanding as Rise of Nations.