New GTA 6 Leak Is Blowing People's Minds

A new GTA 6 leak shows us exactly what the central location will look like in-game, and fans are extremely impressed.

GTA 5 Women
A new GTA 6 leak made people very excited. | © Rockstar

GTA 6 is still far away, but that doesn't stop people from getting mad excited about this one. Especially when we get a genuine leak from the game, like the massive GTA 6 leak from September 2022.

Now, a new GTA 6 leak popped up on the internet, offering a new look at the game. And damn, did this one cause a lot of hype.

GTA 6 Leak Shows Off Game, Impresses Fans

An image, which seems to show GTA 6 in action, appeared on the internet. From what we can tell, it first appeared on a Reddit post. The screenshot shows the female MC, who is called Lucia according to leaks, standing in a backyard in Vice City, where the game will take place.

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You see a few NPCs, but otherwise there's not much to make out as it was nighttime when the screenshot was taken. So, nothing mega crazy and the game has clearly been captured in a very early state here. But, and this is the main thing that people have latched onto, the lighting looks real nice.

We like the look of that, and so do the good people of Reddit. It's not much, but it does wet our appetite for the next GTA, which should get an official reveal at some point this year.

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