Insider Reinforces GTA 6 Release Date Rumor

GTA 6 is still a while away, as was suggested by many rumors. These rumors have now been brought to light again by one of the most trusted Rockstar-related insider sources.

GTA 6 Map Leak
When will GTA 6 come out? We might know. | © Rockstar

We’re all super excited for GTA 6, of course we are. Why wouldn’t you be? Unfortunately, the release is still a way’s away, according to several rumors that have been floating around in recent months.

However, these rumors have now been reinforced by trusted Rockstar-insider Tenz2.

Insider Reveals Targeted GTA 6 Release Date

Tenz has one again spilled the beans on the best place on the internet, the GTAForums. If you don’t know Tenz; they’re a reputable insider, who previously revealed details concerning Rockstar and their games, including the cancellation of planned remasters for RDR and GTA 4.

In a recent post, they claim that the targeted release window for GTA 6 is Holiday 2024. Now, that doesn’t mean the game will definitely come out next year, as this target can still be moved back to 2025. But this is at least what Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two are aiming for.

GTA 6 won't be coming this year, but that doesn't mean there aren't any good games in 2023:

What will definitely be a given, according to Tenz, is a proper, official announcement at some point this year. That would make sense, as everyone already knows so much about the game thanks to the massive September 2022 leaks and other insider reveals.

And there is so much hype around this game already, rarely has a video game had that much expectation attached to it. So surely, Rockstar will want to capitalize on that sooner rather than later. Let’s hope that will turn out to be true.

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