Red Dead Redemption Remaster Confirmed

An insider claims to know that Rockstar is working on a Red Dead Redemption remaster, and we summed up everything there is to know for you below.

[Update, November 9]

According to a 4Chan post, the Read Dead Redemption Remaster will release in the second quarter of 2023. It's going to use the graphics and some mechanics of RDR2, the RDR1 versions of the WE & NA maps will be merged with the RDR2 version and lastly, everything will stay the same (story wise) except that some dialogue will now feature Arthur – which makes a lot of sense.

It's 4Chan, so as always, take this with your usual pinches of salt, guys, but everything above would definitely make sense. Let's see if we will soon get some official news on this.

[Original Article]

We wrote about it time, and time, and time again, because that's just how much we love Red Dead Redemption, and now here we are: Our first confirmation that the Red Dead Redemption remaster is coming. Who, what, when, and where? Well...: Chris from Rockstar Mag, inside leak, today and the where: France. Yes, I'm linking you to the article here, but unless tu parles francais, tu ne vas comprendere rien. Non, rien de rien.

So, what's the leak about? Well, it's mainly about GTA 6 about to turn into a clusterf*ck, but, on a sidenote, the leaker mentions the little – here paraphrased – tidbit that, yes, "the Red Dead Redemption remaster is already in development." According to our French colleagues over at Rockstar Mag, this remaster will get the same treatment as the GTA Trilogy remaster, meaning: Enhanced textures, enhanced looks, enhanced everything, but not re-inventing the wheel. Doesn't matter, because Red Dead Redemption is one of the greatest games ever, and any incentive to jump back into it is worthwhile.

There is no release date for when we will get this remastered classic, but seemingly, it will be due before the release of GTA 6. Of course, this also means that we can't expect any additions to Red Dead Redemption 2 or a Red Dead Redemption 3 anytime soon. Still, if you're looking for a reason to jump back into Red Dead Redemption 2, and you're gaming on PC, then you should jump into the Mexico expansion or the Undead Nightmare mod that some talented fans of the game have been working on.