Red Dead Online Is Dead

Red Dead Online is dead. Everyone knows. Even Rockstar knows. Will they do anything about it, though? No. So, we just have to accept it, I guess.
Red dead online dead
Red Dead Online is dead... we'll explain. | © W. Flemming

As my wonderful colleague Daniel Ribeiro so charmingly said when I told him about me writing this article: "What do you mean is dead? It was dead, right from the start."

Well, yes, but I also kinda wanted to give you a kinder intro to this article. Though, I would be sugarcoating it, let's be real. He's right. Red Dead Online has been dead from the start because Rockstar couldn't have cared less about it.

It's a shame because this game had as much, if not more potential than GTA Online, but now Rockstar is losing both the Red Dead Online, as well as the GTA Online community. Let's discuss.

Red Dead Online Is Dead

Red Dead Online Receives Zero Updates

The Red Dead Online community has been fighting for months to receive some gameplay updates. Say what you want about GTA Online, but at least they received some updates that made the game playable again for a time. Red Dead Online, though? Nothing.

IGN was kind enough to talk to Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, who then crushed all the remaining hopes and dreams that the Red Dead Online community had. His answer in regard to the community wanting more gameplay updates for Red Dead Online was basically just "We heard you, but we can't help you."

Thing is, Rockstar has to take care of this one... and they don't seem to care much about Red Dead Online when they're working on GTA 6, trying to keep GTA Online alive and working on multiple remasters that will release over the course of the next years. Who cares about little old Red Dead Online then, right?

Red Dead Online Is Boring

This goes hand in hand with the argument above. There is only so much you can do. You play Red Dead Online for a week straight, and it already feels like you've seen and done everything. The community is also not big enough to experience something new every day, maybe you're even surrounded by the same 5 people playing the game.

Why would you want to keep playing if it's the same thing, over and over again when it's not even that fun anymore?

Red Dead Online Community Is Toxic

The worst part about it is that some – not saying all because obviously, there are passionate fans who love the game – use this game to play out their disgusting racist fantasies. We've reported on this in the past and I would rather not repeat these things again, so if you're interested, just read that article from our talented colleague Amidu...

...bottom line is, some people take Red Dead roleplay and its story too far. It's disgusting and makes many people not want to play.

If Rockstar doesn't take care of Red Dead Online and the Read Dead community in general, then that game is doomed. We hope it won't be because we see the potential... but maybe they don't.