GTA 6 Timeline: Announcement, Trailer, Release Date

Gta 6 timeline
Everything we know about the GTA 6 Announcement, Trailer and Release Date | © Rockstar Games

Official news on GTA 6 have been sparse. Sure, the rumor mill has been going crazy, but at this point it’s like: what’s actually going to happen? We’ll look at the timeline for GTA 6 to hopefully answer all the questions you now have in regard to GTA 6.

Okay, I admit, we’re quite guilty when it comes to reporting on GTA 6 leaks:

Thing is… some of them could be right… maybe even all of them, those leakers are reliable these days. But when it comes to when things about GTA 6 will actually come out, it’s hard to find info. Today, we’d like to show you a timeline of everything GTA 6 related… starting with the official announcement.

When Will GTA 6 Officially Be Announced?

According to /reddit user CoryLVV, GTA 6 will be announced October 2022, with first – proper – teasers getting dropped in summer 2022. To give you more than “one reddit user claimed”: both GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 were announced early October and next year, GTA Vice City will celebrate its 20th birthday. This is definitely cause for a celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with an announcement of Rockstar’s next biggest game?

When Will GTA 6 Get A Trailer?

Rockstar usually releases their trailers right after their announcements, so if GTA 6 will indeed be announced October 2022, then the first GTA 6 trailer should also drop October/November 2022.

When Will GTA 6 Release?

According to CoryLVV, GTA 6 will release either autumn 2023 or autumn 2024. Now this, we find very interesting, because we’ve already reported on the GTA 6 release date and last we knew, it was actually 2025. Now, obviously both are leaks and both aren’t confirmed, but we suspect either of it to be correct. Naturally, we’d hope it’s the first, and we’ll get to play GTA 6 in 2023, rather than two years later, in 2025.

UPDATED GTA6 Timeline Prediction by u/CoryLVV (Reasoning in the comments) from GTA6

Keep in mind that GTA Online still has a massive player base and that Rockstar does make a lot of money off of it. A big reason why news about GTA 6 have been so sparse could be that they don’t want to take away the attention off of GTA Online, wanting that phenomenon to continue to be as successful as it is now, to get some more money out of it.

Still, at one point, they will have to come out with something. We hope that CoryLVV is correct and that it will be next summer when we'll get all those official GTA 6 goodies.

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