UPDATE: Rainbow Six Mobile Game Revealed

Our favorite industry insider Tom Henderson revealed that a new Rainbow Six game will be announced soon.
New Rainbow Six Siege Game Leaked
A new Rainbow Six game is hiding behind that wall. | © Ubisoft

Our favorite leaker Tom Henderson is at it again. You know the deal – the man speaks, we listen. Tom has revealed countless things from the video game industry time and time again. And today, we have another scoop by the man. According to Henderson, Ubisoft is planning to reveal a new Rainbow Six game very soon!

New Rainbow Six Siege Game Will Be Announced Soon

According to a new report by Tom Henderson, Ubisoft will reveal Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Mobile on April 6. Yes, this seems to be a mobile version of the popular multiplayer title. I say "seems", since Henderson himself doesn't have a ton of info on this game yet. He is citing an insider source, who gave a small insight into the game:

Although details are somewhat slim at the moment as more details will be revealed on April 6th, it does seem like the title will follow a fairly traditional mobile game rollout with participants having access to the game depending on their region.

One source who had seen a behind-the-scenes presentation described the game as being “massive for the mobile market” and “it will be a mobile game that Siege fans will love”.

So we don't know a ton right now, but we don't have to wait too much longer since April 6 is only a few weeks away. I wonder what this will end up being, though: Siege is an incredible game with a lot of depth, but will Ubisoft manage to translate that to mobile platforms, or will they just use the popular name for a horrible cash-in? We will know the answer very soon.

[UPDATE: April 6, 2022]

Tom Henderson was right again: Rainbow Six Mobile has been revealed. Ubisoft's next foray into mobile gaming is coming soon, and it will be based on Rainbow Six: Siege. Here's what the developers said in the official announcement:

At first glance, many people might see Rainbow Six Mobile and think it looks incredibly similar to Siege, which is great! At its heart, Rainbow Six Mobile is a competitive and tactical FPS game with two teams of 5 – Attackers and Defenders. While the core gameplay, characters, and maps may share similarities with Siege, we’ve rebuilt everything from the ground up with mobile usability in mind. We have put a lot of work under the hood to adapt the Siege experience for mobile devices. This includes an entirely new gameplay control system developed specifically for mobile and extensive optimization of the UI and in-game visual presentation.

They also showed some gameplay and, yeah... it does look a lot like Siege. Like, it's basically Siege with reduced graphics. But hey, it's gonna be on your phones, and it's (probably) gonna be free! And you will be able to try it out soon! Ubisoft is planing a test phase for the game, which you can register for here!