Insider Hints At New Release Window For Redfall In Mid-2023

Redfall is a co-op shooter coming out in 2023. But whereas many thought it would be released in late-2023, an insider has suggested a new release window that's much sooner.

Redfall bethesda
Redfall is coming sooner than you think! | © Bethesda

Have you heard of Redfall? It's a new co-op shooter from Arkane that lets you play as a ragtag group of survivors taking on a hoard of vampires. The vampires have overrun the titular town of Redfall, and are the result of a mad science experiment gone wrong (if that's difficult to visualize just sign up for the beta and take a look yourself). Overall, Redfall looks fun and refreshing, and it's going to get a lot of attention from fans of co-op gaming.

Redfall's official release date is merely "2023", but thanks to an insider, we can now give you a more precise release window.

Redfall Release Window Hinted At By Insider

On the resetera forums last night, gaming insider Klobrille hinted at a May 2023 release date for Redfall. Klobrille was replying to another user who said:

[PRESSES DELAY TO FALL 2023 BUTTON] well i hope you are ready for waiting longer

I'm sure a great many of us thought that a delay to Fall 2023 was likely for Redfall, but Klobrille corrected the user:

I May disagree with that.

They've capitalized "May", which clearly signifies they're referring to the month of May, and Klobrille loves this kind of word play. Obviously, take this all with a grain of salt, but Klobrille is a proven insider, so we're fairly confident in this release window.

Are you happy with a May release? Or would you rather they sit on it until it's perfect?

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