New Sony Title Leaked: Sci-Fi RPG Built On Unreal Engine 5

A respected leaker on the ResetERA forums has recently shared footage of what looks to be a brand-new IP from Sony. Apparently this game will be a sci-fi RPG. Watch out Starfield!

Sony Sci Fi RPG
What could a new sci-fi IP from Sony look like? | © Sony / EA

If Sony can do one thing right it's first-party games. Just look at the success of God of War (we absolutely loved Ragnarök) or The Last of Us, which got its own high-budget HBO TV Series. They just seem to have a good knack for commissioning these titles, and understanding that single-player IPs can still deliver the big bucks.

We're therefore delighted to announce the news of an upcoming Sony IP that has just been leaked. This one looks seriously ambitious, and it might even be stepping on the toes of the highly-anticipated Starfield, and even perhaps Ubisoft's open-world Star Wars game, which is set to be announced very soon.

A New Sony IP Is In Development

As first shared by "John Elden Ring", a respected member of the ResetERA forums, a new Sony IP has just been leaked, and it seems to be a sci-fi RPG made on Unreal Engine 5. Mr. Elden Ring posted a video of the new game's development, but it has since been removed, and for obvious legal reasons, we can't share it with you here.

The information is still very sparse, and this is all John Elden Ring was able to share in the comments:

The Game is an RPG Sci-Fi on Unreal Engine 5.
This is a very early build.
Game is a first/second party in development by an xDev.

It's not much to go on, but given Sony's track-record, we expect it to be fantastic.

Update, January 12: New IP Reportedly Being Developed By Polish Studio People Can Fly

A few days after this new IP leaked, claimed that Polish studio People Can Fly were the ones developing the project. They aren't a massive studio, but they've been around for twenty years and have developed some fairly big titles including like Outriders and Bullet Storm, as well as co-developing several Gears of War titles with Epic Games.

The new info, if correct, doesn't really tell us too much about what to expect, but any information about this mysterious IP is interesting right now. You can follow People Can Fly on Twitter if you want to stay up-to-date with the studio, and who knows, maybe they'll give us some nod towards the new game soon.

Do you think this game has potential? Or would you rather see Sony start focusing more on first-party multiplayer games, like the upcoming Last of Us PVP game?

But this game will be released quite far into the future, what about the stuff coming out this year...

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