New Tomb Raider Revealed: Project Jawbreaker

You thought Lara Croft was a dead franchise? Think again! The upcoming Lara Croft game, code-named "project Jawbreaker" has just been revealed, and it sounds promising. Here's everything we know so far about the new Lara Croft game.

New Lara Croft
This was the image the leaker shared alongside details of the new Lara Croft. | © MelonieMac via Twitter

Lara Croft is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time, but the Tomb Raider franchise has been in terminal decline since the 2000s. Perhaps a sequel that takes a very different approach can save the franchise? That's what devs of the new Tomb Raider are hoping...

New Lara Croft: Gameplay Details Leaked

Just hours ago insider Melonie Mac leaked everything she knew about the upcoming Lara Croft game on Twitter. She then offered her own opinion on how the project was going, but before we get to that, here are the key details about the new game:

  • Codenamed Project Jawbreaker
  • Grounded tone with fantastical elements
  • Casting authentic British Voice Actor, in her 30s, 5'6", athletic
  • Lara is experienced with years of "protecting artifacts" and adventures
  • Familial drama has been left behind
  • Lara's adventures reached tabloids/ media and inspired a new generation of Tomb Raiders
  • Lara Croft struggles with loneliness now
  • Lara encounters a mysterious cataclysm she cannot face alone, so she works with a team of Tomb Raiders

We don't yet have a release date or any further details about the gameplay, but we will of course update you as soon as we hear more from the publishers (or, more likely, leakers).

It sounded pretty much in line with what you'd expect from a new Tomb Raider to me, but the insider who leaked this has only had negative things to say about the project. As she put it:

My opinions: this sounds absolutely terrible. Lara should NEVER be working with a team, and making her lonely and a protector of artifacts goes against everything she was created to be. Lara THRIVED being alone, and she pursued artifacts from selfish ambition/ thrill.

This isn't Lara Croft or Tomb Raider. My best hope at this point is for all this to be scrapped, but probably not gonna happen since Embracer seems to be giving Crystal Dynamics free reign.

I can understand why Melonie Mac might dislike these elements of the story, but I can't say I personally hate the idea of a Tomb Raider team. They could give each member of the team a different specialization and that might allow them to make more interesting puzzles. What do you think? Would you prefer Lara to work independently? Or is this a bad idea for the franchise?

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