Naughty Dog Working On Next Uncharted Sequel

A new Naughty Dog recruiter has (accidentally) revealed that yes, Naughty Dog are working on more Uncharted games. We sort of knew this was going to happen, but now we can say it with some certainty.
Uncharted Sequels
You didn't think this was the end of Nathan Drake, did you? | © Naughty Dog

When people bring up Naughty Dog these days, they're invariably talking about the Last of Us. "When is The Last of Us remake coming out?", "have they finally made Factions 2?", or my personal favorite, "was The Last of Us 2 as bad as they say?" But let's not forget the franchise that originally funded The Last Of Us, Uncharted. This is a beloved franchise in its own right, which has only been somewhat let down by the recent live-action film. And it's not going anywhere! Yep, thanks to a slightly too talkative Naughty Dog employee, we can now confirm the good news: Uncharted is here to stay. Here's what they revealed.

Naughty Dog Employee Hints At New Uncharted Projects

Christina-Marie Drake McBrearty recently joined Naughty Dog as a recruiter, and in her congratulatory LinkedIn post, she excitedly let slip details of the new Uncharted projects. Hopefully, this was all laughed about at the Naughty Dog HQ, and she won't need to get back on to LinkedIn to look for a new position. But, you've got to love employees like her (you would be shocked to know quite how many leaks we get via people's bright-eyed LinkedIn posts). This is what Christina-Marie said she had joined the company to do in her post:

building future teams for not only new titles but for the legacy of Uncharted

The "legacy of Uncharted" could mean many things, it could even be a series of prequels, but we're thrilled to be getting more Uncharted no matter how it's packaged.

This is all mightily exciting, but Naughty Dog, how about completing the Last Of Us 2 first? We want factions 2, for goodness’s sake!