NHL 23: Release Date, HUT And Crossplay

Attention hockey fans: The release of NHL 23 is imminent. We have all the important information on the game, including many new features on HUT.

NHL 23 Cover
NHL 23 is the latest ice hockey simulation from EA Sports. | © EA

Winter is coming... Everyone is back in the Game of Thrones hype, but the saying also fits perfectly with the new EA game NHL 23. Over the winter months, ice hockey is a big topic in North America and Europe, and appropriately, EA Sports is launching NHL 23. We have all the information on the new NHL 23 regarding HUT, cross-play, the game modes and the soundtracks.

NHL 23: Release & Platforms

NHL 23 will be released by EA Sports on October 14, 2022, and the game was developed by EA Vancouver. NHL 23 will be playable on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. This means that NHL 23 has not been produced for the PC. The official retail price is currently around $80.

NHL 23 Cross-Play Will Be Activated In November

EA has announced that NHL 23 will have cross-play from November 2022. So at the release of the game this feature is still deactivated, but with an update you will be able to connect the consoles in the future. But beware, you can't just play against each other online with any console. This only works with the same generation, i.e. cross-play works between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S and the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. So PS5 and PS4 cannot play together. The reason for this is quite simple: it's a completely different game. The PS5 has completely new possibilities and different gameplay features than the PS4, that's why playing together wouldn't work. So it's just like FIFA 23 and Madden NFL 23.

NHL 23 HUT Deep Dive

The biggest innovation for sure is for the HUT mode, here EA has really made an effort. Besides FIFA Pro Clubs, NHL 23 is one of the few games in which women and men are allowed to take to the court together. A big step for the gaming world! EA writes the following about it:

"Following the integration of female players in last year's title, NHL 23 will allow players to create mixed Ultimate teams where men and women play on the same team."

Furthermore, EA announced new rewards for HUT:

"HUT rivals welcome a new reward structure called "victory-based" rewards, which allow players to earn additional rewards through a winning streak, as well as the introduction of new play styles."

Updates On The Game Modes In NHL 23

Finally, the franchise mode gets the attention it deserves. You can now create custom leagues and let your imagination run wild. This will create a lot of excitement in the different divisions:

  • The most significant update to Franchise Mode in NHL 23 is the addition of custom leagues that truly make the player the commissioner of their league by allowing them to control the number of teams in a division or conference, dynamic schedules and playoff adjustments.
  • Online Versus welcomes the addition of saved lineups and strategies, allowing for a smoother gaming experience where players don't have to spend as much time navigating menus.
  • Similar to HUT, World of Chel will introduce cross-platform matchmaking in November, allowing players to spend less time searching for a match and more time with their friends on the ice.

42 Soundtracks Accompany You In NHL 23

EA Sports is known for its great selection of soundtracks for their sports games. In the past, EA Trax has never disappointed in FIFA, Madden or Need for Speed and has even produced world hits. In NHL 23 you can listen to 42 soundtracks from international top stars like iann dior or Panic! At The Disco.

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