FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: The Best Perks, Skill Points, Attributes, Formations - Tips & Tricks

Pro Clubs and Volta Football have been merged in FIFA 23. We show you the fastest way to level up in Pro Clubs, how to distribute your skill points, how tall your Pro should be, which formations and instructions are OP and which cosmetics are the coolest.

FIFA 23 Pro Clus Bild
All tips and tricks for FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. | © EA / EG

Pro Clubs is one of the most popular modes in FIFA 23. Pro Clubs is not quite as popular as Ultimate Team, but it is a very welcome addition to the game. In this article we show you how to level up your pro in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs the fastest, how you should distribute your skill points and which perks are the best.

In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs was merged with Volta because Volta lost more and more importance in the last years. Through the merger you can earn cosmetics for Pro Clubs in Volta, which is a cool solution. However, we want to focus more on Pro Clubs.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs x Volta Football: Tips & Tricks For Perks, Leveling, Skill Points, Lineups And Formations

Bro, this will be a really big article, so here is an overview with the tips and tricks we show you:

  • Pro Clubs x Volta explained
  • Pro Clubs Drop Ins
  • Size and weight of the pro
  • Leveling quickly in Pro Clubs
  • Getting and distributing skill points
  • The best archetypes
  • The best perks
  • The best formations
  • The best instructions
  • The coolest cosmetics
  • Volta explained
  • Unlock Cosmetics in Volta for Pro Clubs

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs x Volta Football explained

For those who have only played FUT so far, we will briefly explain what Pro Clubs actually is. You only play one player in your team at a time, the other ten are controlled by your mates. If you are only three or four players, the remaining free places are filled by bots. And the bots play really well in FIFA 23, it's not so easy to outplay them. Skills against the bots are as ineffective as a Neymar in defence.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Drop-Ins

Drop-Ins was revised in FIFA 22 and is of course also included in FIFA 23. In this game mode you go with your pro into a Pro Clubs game with randoms. If none of your mates have time or you just don't have any friends, this is exactly the right mode for you, because here you also get the XP for successful actions. Otherwise, Drop-Ins is rather boring, because the randoms from your team will never pass the ball and generally always play rubbish.

Optimal Size And Weight Of The Pro

The appearance of your pro is up to you, of course, make it as ugly as you want. But size and weight are aspects lyou have to adapt to the FIFA 23 meta. We found out that there are two different meta types in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. The best player type has "Lengthy" as AcceleRATE type, we wrote you a really detailed article about it. With Lengthy your pro is strong and has 99 sprint speed, so you can outrun the bots. You can find all the settings as well as the height and weight in the linked article.

The second meta is the exact opposite. Here you need dribbling and agility to counter the lengthy defenders. 5-star skills are a must here. We recommend that you and your team incorporate both types of players into your line-up to become unpredictable.

Your pro should not be taller than 1.70 metres, otherwise he is simply too slow. Pace is the most important thing in FIFA 23, but we will talk about that later. Your pro should also not be heavier than 70 kilograms, otherwise he is simply too immobile. The left stick dribbling has already been drastically reduced, so a high mobility is essential. We play our Pro with a height of 1.65 meters and a body weight of 60 kilograms.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Overview
Welcome to FIFA 23 Pro Clubs! | © EA

How To Level Up Quickly In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

The level system has been slightly adjusted compared to FIFA 22. There are more levels (in FIFA 22 there were only 25), which means that you level up faster, but of course it takes longer to be maxed out. Unfortunately, there is currently a glitch that gives you XP if you leave the game right after the kick-off. Dirty stuff. Drop-Ins and friendlies give just as much XP as a normal online season game. So, the fastest way to level up (after the stupid glitch) is to play friendlies all the time. That way you always get a 10 rating with your mates. It's mega boring, but it gives you a lot of points for leveling up.

Your rating is increased for every successful action in the game. The higher your rating, the more XP you get at the end of the game. For certain additional achievements, such as an assist or a goal, you will receive extra XP. The same applies to successful tackles in defence, so no position group is neglected here.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Level Up
This is how you level up in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. | © EA

Earning And Distributing Skill Points

Skill points are unlocked by leveling up and completing games. It is very difficult to say exactly how many skill points you receive and when. You don't get new skill points every time you level up, so don't be surprised. The better and more consistently you play, the faster you level up and the more skill points you unlock.

At the beginning it is very important to invest the skill points in sprint speed and acceleration. Only when you have acquired the majority of these can you level up other attributes. It's no use if you have a good shot but can't get into a shooting position because of your slow speed.

So: First invest all your skill points in speed. Then you should definitely level up your weak foot and agility. Then it depends on which position you play. As a striker, a good finish is of course important, but some players prefer to have 5-star skills. Passing and crossing are not really worth leveling, we don't see much difference between the stats.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Skill Tree
Pace is the most important attribute in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. | © EA

The Best Archetypes For Your Pro

Archetypes are unlocked through the skill tree with skill points. The archetypes give special boosts for certain attributes and are - depending on the attribute - unique. You can equip up to three archetypes for a Pro, but it takes quite a while to earn the necessary skill points. In the picture above you see the archetype Cheetah, that is the character with the battery. When you unlock Cheetah, you get +6 kick and +6 sprint speed. Very important.

All Archetypes:

BodyBullAct more physically on the pitch and win duels for the ballStrengh: +11

Aggression: +5

BodyAcrobatIncreases the ability to jump and staminaJumping: +5

Stamina: +13

DefenseGuardianTacklings are improved and won without a foulInterception: +12
Def. Awareness: +7
Standing T.: +5
Sliding T. : +4
DribblingMaestroPerform skill moves with optimal efficiencyAgility: +12
Positioning: +4
Dribbling: +6
DribblingLynxAgile and fast movements on the turfBalance: +12
Positioning: +4
Ball controll: +8
PassingArtistHit outstanding crosses
Vision: +3
Crosses: +11
Curve: +7
PassingArchitectCreate chances near the goal
Vision: +3
Long Passing: +6
Short Passing: +12
ShootingSniperStandard Situation LuminaryFK Accuracy: +13
Shot Power: +10
Penalty: +6
ShootingFinisherProvide danger with every contact with the ball
Finishing: +5
Long Shots: +12
Volleys: +6
PaceCheetahCreating danger through mobility
Acc.: +6
Pace: +6
GoalkeeperHawkImprove TW positional play and TW diving saves
Diving: +9
Catching: +7
Reflexes: +5
Positioning: +5
GoalkeeperWallImprove TW reactions and TW positional play
Reflexes: +14
Positioning: +12

If you play goalkeeper or defender, it is clear which archetypes you equip. On the offensive, you can safely do without Artist, it's useless. Maestro or Lynx are not bad for a midfielder. Cheetah should always be equipped on every position anyway. As a striker Finisher is much better than Sniper.


You can equip perks to make your pro stronger depending on the situation. For example, from level 1 the perk "Distance shot" is available, which gives your pro a boost in shooting power, weak foot and much more. Good perks are a real gamechanger, so choose your perk slots wisely. You can equip a total of three perks, but you have to earn them. The second perk is available from level 35, the third from level 60. Grind quickly to equip your pro with the best perks. Once you have unlocked the archetypes and all the perks, no one can stop you.

All Perks in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

  • Precision Pass: Improves the accuracy and speed of normal passes (short & long passes.). Grants the curve trait and the Flair trait and improves the Weak Foot ability to 5 stars.
  • Light Passes: Teammates can receive your passes easier
  • Pinpoint Cross: Improves the precision of your crosses and your ability to cross. Grants the curve trait, the Flair trait and the early cross trait and improves the Weak Foot to 5 stars.
  • Skilled Dribbler: Improves your dribbling and skill move when dribbling with the ball. Grants the Flair trait.
  • Set Piece Specialist: Improves your skills in standard situations. Grants the Long Throw trait, the Vigorous Span Free Kick trait and the Standard Specialist trait.
  • Vorlagenserie: Passing stats are strengthened for a short time (15 minutes) after a goal is scored. Grants the outside pass trait.
  • Tireless Runner: Grants the second air trait and the Solid trait.
  • Aktive First Touch: Increases ball control, your kick-off and sprint speed. The boost can start when you approach the ball (for example, when you run to a steep pass). Grants the flair trait.
  • Passing Pro: Improves the precision of deep passes and high passes (overview). Grants the curve trait and the Flair trait and improves the Weak Foot to 5 stars.
  • Distance Shooter: Your accuracy and shot power on long range shots are increased. Grants the curve shot trait and the outside shot trait and improves the Weak Foot to 5 stars.
  • Finisher: Strengthens shots from the penalty area.
  • Hot Streak: The shot stats are increased for a short time (15 minutes) when you score a goal. Grants the cuve shot trait and the Power Header trait and improves your Weak Foot ability.
  • One Time Shot: Improves your finishing and heading ability when taking direct kicks or headers. Gives you the curve shot trait, the outside shot trait and the Power Header trait and improves your Weak Foot ability.
  • Quick Reply: The shot stats are increased for a short time (15 minutes) if you concede a goal. Grants the curve shot trait, the outside shot trait and the Power Header trait and improves your Weak Foot skill.
  • Set Piece Finisher: Your header stats are strengthened for 10 seconds in standard situations (free kick, corner, throw-in) as soon as the ball is in play. Grants you the Power Header trait.
  • Clutch Finisher: Your shot stats are boosted in the last 15 minutes of the match and in overtime. Grants the curve shot trait, the outside shot trait and the Power Header trait and improves your Weak Foot skill.
  • Interceptor: The player can intercept the ball better.
  • Ball Winner: Improves the one-on-one ability near the dribbling player.
  • Defensiv Closer: Improves the defensive stats in the last 15 minutes of the match and in overtime.
  • Cool Head: Defensive stats are strengthened for a short time (15 minutes) after conceding a goal.
  • Physical Strength: Strength, ball control and bounce are strengthened when jostling and shielding as well as headers.
  • Tightening: Defensive stats are strengthened for a short time (15 minutes) after a goal scored by the team.
  • Last Defender: Improves your defensive stats when you are the only one left in defence.
  • Follow Up: The defender can recover and run back faster when the possession changes.
  • Clutch Save: GK stats are strengthened in the last 15 minutes of the game and in overtime.
  • GK 1-on-1: GK skills in 1-on-1 situations are strengthened.
  • Set Piece Expert: GK stats are strengthened in standard situations (penalty kick, free kick, corner, throw-in) for 10 seconds as soon as the ball is in play. GK Long Throw trait and GK Flat Rebound trait are unlocked.
  • GK Far Reach: Good saves against long range shots.
  • Fast Rush: GK speed is strengthened when you sprint or run out.
  • Quick Reflex: GK reflexes and reactions are strengthened during saves.
FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Perks
These are all the Perks in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs. | © EA

The Best Perks In FIFA 23 Pro Clubs

Of course you have to adapt the perks to your position. We write the perks in order of importance, so you might have to unlock some perks first. The best perk in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs is Active First Touch. You need a good ball control in FIFA 23 and above all the perk brings a sprint boost, this is the gamechanger in FIFA 23.

In general we can say that you should play without perks like Cool Head or Quick Reaction. These perks only activate when you concede a goal. But our mission is to equip you in a way that you don't concede a goal in the first place. Makes sense, right?

As a goalkeeper, you should definitely equip GK 1-on-1, GK Far Reach and Fast Reflexes. Depending on your style of play, you can also use Quick Reflexes. Due to the shooting meta, you have to pay special attention to long-distance shots.

As a defender, you need Follow Up, Physical Strength and Ball Winner. Alternatively, you can use Active First Touch if you interpret your position a bit more offensively. Speed and physicality are the most important things for a defender in FIFA 23.

As a midfielder you equip Active First Touch, Precise Passes and Pass Pro. A player from your team should also activate Standard Ace, so that you are a real danger at corners and free kicks. But only one player really needs this, so agree on it. A clear division of tasks is important so that everyone can specialise in it. If you're playing in midfield, you don't need to equip a marksman or a scorer, leave that to your striker.

As an attacker you need Active First Touch, Distance Shooter and Skilled Dribbler. These are the perks for a small and fast striker that fits the FIFA 23 meta. If you want to play a real breaker, i.e. an Erling Haaland, then go all out for finishing, heading and physicality.

The Most Important Tips & Tricks

You should never play Any in Pro Clubs or leave it to one of your friends. The bots sometimes do very wild things, but they defend much better than you or one of your colleagues can. No Front, but that's the way it is. Of course, the FIFA meta doesn't stop at Pro Clubs. Fast players, outside instep shots and crosses are really OP. Long-range shots in general, if you time them green, often hit the target. Dribbling, on the other hand, is really hard and hardly effective, so you quickly need the 5-star skills. You absolutely have to level the weak foot, it's really important.

FIFA 23 Pro Club Top Performance
Have a look at the Top Performance after a Pro Clubs match. | © EA

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs Substitutions Are Possible!

For years the community has been asking for it, now it is done: You can substitute players in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs! If more than 11 friends are online in your club, you can actually substitute someone. That's so cool, honestly. If someone makes a mess, then you don't have to wait long, down with him! That's bound to cause a lot of discussion, it's going to be so much fun. Being captain of your team will be a lot of fun.

The Best Pro Clubs Formations

In Pro Clubs, tight formations like the 4-1-2-1-2 or the 4-3-1-2 are really good. If you play with four or five people, then the bots play in defence. When the full-back has the ball, you can call for a long pass into the run as a forward with triangle. These passes are so insanely good that all you have to do is pass into the middle - goal! The 4-2-2-2 is also an OP formation, feel free to try that one. If you have a player with strong heading as forward, then you can also play 5-2-1-2 or 3-5-2, in order to get through on the outside and serve the striker with an outside cross. But in our opinion the best formation is still the 4-1-2-1-2 with the tight diamond in midfield.

The Best Instructions

If you use the 4-1-2-1-2, then distribute the following instructions: Full backs stay back when attacking, CDM stay back when attacking, cover the middle. If the two CM's are also occupied by bots, then one of them should also stay at the back. We want to have as few bots as possible up front, they should keep everything clean at the back. The best thing is to let the opponent come a bit and then counterattack, as described in the formations, with long passes into the run.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs x Volta: Cosmetics

Through the fusion between Volta and Pro Clubs you can unlock really funny cosmetics. The beards and tattoos are mega cool. Playing Volta and Pro Clubs gives you XP, which you can use to unlock different things and Volta coins in the Volta Season Pass. With the coins (or alternatively FIFA Points, of course), you can buy the cosmetics. If there is a Pro-Club sign, you can equip your Pro-Clubs-Pro with it. The other items are only available for Volta.

FIFA 23 Volta explained

Volta has been completely redesigned. The FIFA Street feeling is back, also the online-playing is more fun again. Here you can play Volta with up to four friends and show off skills to your heart's desire. Your Volta Pro automatically has 5-star skills. The picture below shows the selection you have to make before creating your pro. Just choose what suits your play style best. Nothing here is better or worse than other options.

Personally, we will only play Volta for the most part because you can unlock the cosmetics for Pro Clubs. A smart move by EA, because hardly anyone used to play Volta. At this point we can also praise EA, because the selection of cosmetics is really huge and versatile. There will also be different seasons in which you can always unlock different cosmetics. So the grind starts all over again after a little more than 40 days, and we're really into that!

There's a skill tree for Volta just like for Pro Clubs, but it's structured a little differently:

FIFA 23 Volta Skillpoints
FIFA 23 Volta Skill tree. | © EA

Dribbling is of course quite important in this mode, but we also noticed when playing that you need a good finish. What the goalkeepers sometimes do is insane. So as a striker you should definitely level up your shot, so there are differences to Pro Clubs. In Volta speed is not important.

That's it for our FIFA 23 Pro Clubs x Volta Guide. Now you know what you have to pay attention to when levelling your pro. Maybe we will see each other ingame.