FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: How To Build A Lengthy Pro

The AcceleRATE type Lengthy is the gamechanger in FIFA 23. We explain how to get your pro to Lengthy.

FIFA 23 Lengthy Pro
If your Pro has Lengthy, no one will be able to defend you in Pro Clubs! | © EA / EG

You wonder why your pro is always caught up with by the defenders in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs? That's over now, because we show you what you have to do to get your pro to Lengthy.

Lengthy is the FIFA word of the year! As soon as a player has the AcceleRATE type Explosive or Controlled, he is boring right away. In another article, we explained what Lengthy means and which players are the best Lengthy players in Ultimate Team.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: Lengthy Is Meta!

We tried it out for you, and it's just insane and indefensible. Once your pro has Lengthy, you're like Erling Haaland or Harry Kane in FUT: Simply unstoppable! If you then also have 5-star Weak Foot, it's completely over for the opponent. They will be quitting left, right and center.

The Lengthy acceleration will make your player slow to get going, but eventually you'll have 99 sprint speed and be running away from any bot or opponent. You can make your pro as small and as fast as you want. Your pro can be 5'6" and have 93 speed. Without Lengthy this is worth nothing, you simply don't stand a chance in a sprint duel!

How To Make Your FIFA 23 Pro Lengthy

Your pro needs certain stats to get the Lengthy AcceleRATE-Style. So build your pro exactly like it is written here.

This is how you get Lengthy in FIFA 23 Pro Clubs:

  • Position: ST
  • Height: 1,94 meters / 6'4''
  • Weight: 88 Kilogram / 194 lbs
  • Don't invest any skill points in dribbling or balance
  • Invest at least 2 skill points in strength
  • Extra: Invest all remaining skill points in sprint speed, shooting and weak foot.

The AcceleRATE type is not shown in the main menu. But you can check it in-game as captain if you press pause, go to your team management and select your pro. You should then see Lengthy there. And now no one can stop you.

FIFA 23 Pro Clubs: These Perks And Archetypes Fit To Lengthy

To get the best performance out of your Lengthy Pro, you should also put the best perks and archetypes on your player. The right choice makes a big difference here, and we can also justify why.

As perks, Distance Shooter (best perk in the game btw) and Active First Touch go really well with Lengthy. If you already have three perk slots unlocked (you lunatic sweater) you should use Set Piece Finisher. Distance Shooter is self-explanatory. Long-range shots are so op in FIFA 23, and if the opponent is defending deep and you can't get into a running duel, you can just slam the ball on goal from distance.

Active First Touch grants you a perfect ball reception and a sprint boost towards the ball. So, if you are sent in with a deep pass, YOUR PRO WILL BE EVEN FASTER. Set Piece Finisher especially gives a header boost, and heading is extremely important for your type of player now. Just play like Haaland in real life, and with Lengthy you will score more goals than ever before.

The best archetypes in this case are Cheetah (pace) and Finisher (shooting). If you have already earned all the skill points, you can also equip Bull (Strength). This then becomes really unfair.