Prime Is Broadcasting a Show in Space for Aliens

Prime Video's Night Sky is being broadcast into deep space, for all aliens to enjoy.
Night sky space broadcast
Just some aliens watching our shows. | © Prime Video

So, not too long ago, the Pentagon revealed that there are more UFO sightings than ever before. If that makes you feel uneasy, then this next piece of news is not gonna make you feel any better: Amazon is broadcasting its latest show into space, for aliens to watch. Yes, this is really happening, and I feel like Independence Day is about to happen any day now.

Prime Video Is Broadcasting Into Space

Either, Amazon is really hoping to get some intergalactic subscribers, or this is simply the most intricate marketing stunt of all time. Prime Video's Nighty Sky, which just released, is going to be broadcast into space. To be exact, the show will be broadcast for all satellite signals within 384,000 kilometers, which is the distance from the Earth to the moon and back.

As you can imagine, Nighty Sky is about outworldly planets. Specifically, the show revolves around a couple that has a chamber in their backyard, which lets them access a deserted planet. The couple is keeping the chamber a secret, but everything changes when a young man disruts their quiet life.

I have yet to watch Night Sky, so I can't comment on whether or not this is really our best product to be pushing out there, but hey... if aliens do come knocking... Netflix sure had nothing to do with it.