Very Much Alive: Dead Island 2 Sold One Million Units Already - And For Good Reason!

Dead Island 2 can celebrate a big and well-deserved sales performance. The developers released some cool stats about the game to celebrate the occasion.

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Dead Island 2 not quite so dead after all. | © Deep Silver

The release of Dead Island 2 took place just a few days ago, and the game is already enjoying very good sales results. Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios announced on Twitter that a million people have already bought the production. Very impressive!

Dead Island 2: One Million Units Sold Already

A big thanks from the developers to us – the gamers. So in response, we thank them for making such a great game!

In addition, statistics related to player activity were presented. They show that:

  • 11 million hours of game play have been played
  • 28 million players have died in the game
  • 45 million zombies have been cut in half
  • 756 million zombie limbs were chopped off
  • 1.1 billion zombies were killed

Great result, tryhards!

  • C'mon! Don't let me beg you, you have to play this game!

Dead Island 2: It Was Worth Waiting Almost 10 Years!

The production of Dead Island 2 is actually a story of many ups and downs. The title was almost 10 years in development and during that time it changed devs twice. As a result, it was assumed that the final version would not look very good.

In the end though, players' fears proved unfounded, and the game received very good reviews. Interestingly, the developers from Dambuster Studios admitted that this difficult path may have contributed to some extent to the better reception of the title.

Per Metacritic:

Dead Island 2 is everything a Dead Island fan could ask for. Between its addicting combat mechanics, excellent character and gear progression systems, hilariously satirical writing, and goretastic presentation, this long-awaited sequel has proven it was worth the wait.

Dead Island 2 will definitely not provide you with emotional stories or moral dilemmas, it's all about casual, uncomplicated and very satisfying fun. Seems like Dead Island 2 is not so dead after all.

We wish you lots of fun while saving LA!

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