Dead Island 2: Best Characters

Dead Island 2 features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique abilities and stats, allowing players to choose their preferred playstyle. We show you our own preferred order.

Dead island 2 characters
The best characters in Dead Island 2. | © Deep Silver

In Dead Island 2, there is no single main character, but instead six Slayers from which we must choose. Throughout the game, we exclusively slaughter zombies as Amy, Ryan, Dani, Carla, Bruno, or Jacob in the zombie-infested Los Angeles.

Because they all possess different attribute values and personal abilities, they also play differently, which can be crucial depending on your preferred playstyle, especially in the melee-heavy first few hours of gameplay. Therefore, the choice should not be made arbitrarily. We explain here which of the six tough killers is particularly suitable for a first playthrough or might be the best overall.

The attributes include toughness, which determines the maximum damage that zombie attacks can cause; endurance, which dictates how many heavy attacks and special moves can be executed quickly in succession; regeneration, which determines how quickly the Slayer's health is restored; critical damage, which determines the damage of a critical hit; agility, which determines the character's movement speed; maximum health, which is the maximum health of the Slayer before he/she dies; and resistance, which provides protection against fire, shock, and corrosive damage and their status effects.

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Dead Island 2: Best Characters

When it comes to choosing which Dead Island 2 character to play, it all comes down to personal preference. Each character has their own unique set of skills and stats that can impact gameplay. For players who prioritize defense, they may want to choose a character with the best toughness, resilience, and peak health. Ryan is a strong choice for defense due to his high stats and innate skills.

On the other hand, players who prioritize speed may choose Amy for her speed, allowing them to quickly move to and from enemies. Jacob is a well-rounded character with decent stats in every category (aside from resilience), making him a great offensive player character with his feral innate skill. Carla is a well-rounded character similar to Jacob, but her damage is increased when surrounded by enemies. If a player wants to utilize a lot of explosions, they may choose Dani. Bruno is ideal for stealthy gameplay but may prove to be challenging.

For those looking for the best all-around playable character, either Jacob or Carla would be recommended due to their helpful skills and solid stats. Ultimately, it all comes down to the player's preferred playstyle and strategy.


Jacob is a rockstar antihero with a unique charm and a disregard for his own safety. After leaving his successful job as a stockbroker in London to pursue his dream of becoming a Hollywood stuntman, Jacob now revels in being a slayer in HELL-A, using his quirky humor and love for Shakespeare to taunt the undead. When his stamina is low, he receives a moderate boost to his critical damage, and critical hits restore his stamina. Additionally, he gains a stackable minor damage boost when attacking in quick succession.

Jacob is a master of critical hits, making him a formidable opponent in battle. With a high peak health of 5 and solid stamina at 4, he is well-equipped to handle intense combat situations. However, he lacks agility, toughness, and health recovery, making him more susceptible to damage. Despite these weaknesses, Jacob's unique playstyle built around critical hits and quick attacks make him a valuable addition to any team.

Dead Island 2 Jacob
Dead Island 2: Character Jacob | © Deep Silver

Jacob’s Stats

Toughness | 3/5
Stamina | 4/5
Health Recovery | 2/5
Critical Damage | 3/5
Agility | 3/5
Peak Health | 5/5
Resilience | 1/5


Carla is a fearless motorcycle stunt rider who has effortlessly taken on rings of fire, ravine jumps, and mid-air flips, making the zompocalypse seem like a walk in the park. Her outgoing personality, street smarts, and unshakable physical confidence make her a force to be reckoned with as she eagerly takes on the challenges of battling through HELL-A. When her health is critical, Carla gets a moderate toughness boost, and when surrounded by multiple zombies, she gets a minor damage boost. Originally from Los Angeles, Carla is a mechanic who thrives off the rush of adrenaline and despises being bored.

Carla is a true powerhouse with her impressive 5 resilience, making her a walking tank. Her 4 toughness stat and decent health recovery at 3 make her one of the top choices in the game. Her skills are all geared towards survival, allowing her to take on hordes of zombies with ease.

Dead Island 2 Carla
Dead Island 2: Character Carla | © Deep Silver

Carla’s Stats

Toughness | 4/5
Stamina | 3/5
Health Recovery | 3/5
Critical Damage | 1/5
Agility | 2/5
Peak Health | 3/5
Resilience | 5/5


Dani, after moving from Boston to LA, quickly immersed herself in the local punk and alternative scenes and joined the roller derby team, indicating her potential for being a fast and fierce fighter. Her stats are tailored towards an agile and explosive playstyle, always on the move and taking out zombies. While her health recovery is low at just 1, her exceptional stamina at 5 and peak health at 4 make her a powerful force in combat. Dani's background as a headstrong rockabilly brawler from County Cork in Ireland shines through in her playstyle, as she takes on zombies with a fearless grin and a promise to "feck you up!"

Dani shares some similarities with Jacob, but her Thunderstruck skill causes her heavy attacks to trigger Forceful explosions that can stun nearby enemies, and her Bloodlust skill rewards her with health for killing zombies in quick succession. She also starts with the Dodge skill, making her a great choice for those who want to deal high damage and move quickly. While her health recovery may be lacking, Dani's balanced stats make her a versatile fighter, and she excels at crowd control when wielding a swinging weapon.

Dead Island 2 Dani
Dead Island 2: Character Dani | © Deep Silver

Dani’s Stats

Toughness | 3/5
Stamina | 5/5
Health Recovery | 1/5
Critical Damage | 3/5
Agility | 3/5
Peak Health | 4/5
Resilience | 2/5


Ryan is a muscular man from Fresno with a short black hair and a small mustache and stubble. He wears a black "Los Angeles Fire Department" t-shirt with beige fire department protective pants, and loose red suspenders hang down from his waist. The pants have reflective strips at the bottom, and he's wearing yellow and white sneakers. When Ryan uses BLOCK or DODGE to avoid an attack, he gets a moderate FORCE boost. He also regains HEALTH each time he knocks down a zombie.

In his past, Ryan worked as a ‘sexy-firefighter-o-gram’ and exotic dancer, which often brought him to LA. However, he also had a tragic experience of raising his little brother after their parents passed away. As the city is overrun with zombies, Ryan is determined to find his brother and keep him safe.

Ryan's character is designed for a run and evade playstyle. With a toughness score of 5, he can survive stray hits and ambushes, and his stamina and resistance stats of 4 support this playstyle. However, he is not very agile, so he can't move around as quickly as other characters. On the other hand, he has solid stamina, health recovery, and peak health stats of 3, which can make blocking and dodging hits easier if he takes damage.

Dead Island 2 Ryan
Dead Island 2: Character Ryan | © Deep Silver

Ryan’s Stats

Toughness | 5/5
Stamina | 3/5
Health Recovery | 3/5
Critical Damage | 2/5
Agility | 1/5
Peak Health | 3/5
Resilience | 4/5


Bruno is a streetwise hustler with a gift for calculating heists, both before and after the zompocalypse. He was born and raised in LA, and his deadly knife skills have always been hidden behind his friendly, laid-back persona. His skill with a blade ensures that his targets stay silent. Bruno gains a moderate DAMAGE boost when attacking zombies from behind and receives an AGILITY and HEAVY ATTACK CHARGE boost when he successfully evades attacks with a BLOCK or DODGE.

Although he is a charming, smooth-talking gentleman thief, Bruno is not afraid to take on new challenges and fight against corruption. In terms of gameplay, Bruno focuses on damage and speed. He has a critical damage stat of 5, agility of 4, and stamina and health recovery stats of 3. If you're looking for a character with high agility, Bruno is an excellent choice who can deal significant damage quickly.

Dead Island 2 Bruno
Dead Island 2: Character Bruno | © Deep Silver

Bruno’s Stats

Toughness | 2/5
Stamina | 3/5
Health Recovery | 3/5
Critical Damage | 5/5
Agility | 4/5
Peak Health | 1/5
Resilience | 3/5

Each character in Dead Island 2 has their unique strengths and weaknesses, making it difficult to say who the "best" choice is. Ryan is the best defensive pick with high toughness, resilience, and peak health. If speed is your thing, Amy is the character for you, with the highest agility stat. Jacob is a solid all-rounder, great for offensive play and has an innate feral skill. Carla is another all-rounder, with a nice damage boost while surrounded by enemies.

If you enjoy causing explosions, Dani is the perfect choice for you, with her explosive innate skill. Bruno is a stealthier player, with good agility and heavy attack charges when he avoids attacks with a block or dodge. Ultimately, the best character choice depends on your playstyle and preferences. However, if you're looking for a character that can handle most situations, Jacob or Carla are solid choices with good stats and useful innate skills.

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