Overwatch 2: D.Va Hero Guide

How does one become a D.Va pro in Overwatch 2? Here is how to slam with D.Va and mech up the party.

Overwatch 2 D.Va
How to rock D.Va in Overwatch 2. | © Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va is one of the most popular and most amiable characters in Overwatch. She is also a very strong tank, and if you make good use of her abilities, D.Va can dominate any game. Her character design and backstory are perfectly thought through and reflected in her abilities. If you want to learn more about her story and how to play her like a professional, keep on reading.

D.Va's Backstory

Hana Song aka D.Va was not always a hero in Overwatch. Originally, she was a very popular and professional gamer from South Korea. Her playful way of talking and light-hearted character support the fact that she is truly a free spirit. Unlike most Overwatch heroes, who only want to fulfil their duty, she almost seems to enjoy the fight. Her quick reflexes and ability to think tactically, taken from her gaming career, make her the best fit for a mecha pilot.

When D.Va was still in high school, she started playing the video game Mecha Guardian V, quickly rising to first place and eventually winning the world championship. Hana is also a passionate mechanic. She tinkers with her mech herself, and when she was young, she built a hoverbike with her buddy Dae-hyun to compete in a race.

While South Korea was struggling with an omnipresent crisis, the government's military force, MEKA, was striving to protect the country. MEKA is an armored drone unit of the Korean army. When the Omnics destroyed the MEKA drone control networks so that the military could no longer control them remotely, they had to put real pilots in the mechs. And that's how D.Va went from gaming superstar to fighter against evil AI robots trying to save the world from mass extinction. Well, I think she's the definition of a life turnaround...

Overwatch D.Va Artwork
How to play D.Va like a pro. | © Blizzard Entertainment

D.Va's Abilities And The Best Ways To Use Them

The best thing about D.Va is that she is very beginner-friendly. She doesn't require a lot of aiming or talent, and she has a wide variety of skills to practice both close combat and long range combat.

Fusion Cannons

D.Va's primary ability are two short-range, widespread cannons with infinite ammo and no reload time. On a short range, she can deal up to 152 damage per second

  • When shooting, get as close as possible to your opponents so that they get the full charge and have a harder time escaping
  • Due to this weapon's wide spread, shooting from afar deals barely any damage, but can still stress your enemies out a lot

Light Gun

When D.Va exits her mech and continues to fight in her pilot form, she uses a smaller pistol to shoot. The Light Gun deals 14 damage and has 20 ammo, which lets her deal 98 damage per second

  • You should use this gun at a wide range, because D.Va doesn't have a lot of HP in her pilot form and therefore doesn't work well in close combat
    • It doesn't have damage falloff, so just shoot from afar
  • Always aim for the head, as this weapon can land headshots

Defense Matrix

The defense matrix is a protective array that eliminates any projectiles in 10 meters range. D.Va can channel it for 3 seconds max

  • Use the Defense Matrix to absorb Moira's Biotic Orbs or Kiriko's healing talismans
  • Use it to eliminate the most powerful projectiles and not to block out all the damage
  • Protect your allies, when they are the main target.


While she is in the mech, she can use Boosters to fly in any direction for 2 seconds with a speed of 17m/s. D.Va can strike her opponents in flight, dealing 25 damage

  • Her flying ability is perfect for eliminating snipers like Widow, who prefer to stay at a really wide range and sometimes find themselves in high places
  • You can easily use the boosters to hunt down enemies which are trying to escape the fight
  • The Booster ability can be combined with the Micro Missiles

Micro Missiles

D.Va launches a number of explosive missiles. They can deal up to a total of 126 damage and have a cooldown of 8 seconds

  • While launching the Missiles, you should activate your Defence Matrix to protect yourself from being in focus of the enemies
  • You can also combine it with your primary fire
  • Try to focus on one enemy when shooting the Micro Missiles
  • Use this ability rather at close range, because if the enemies already spot the missiles heading their way, they can dodge them without any problem
  • Be careful if your target is really close to you, the missiles can also wound yourself if they explode right in front of you


D.Va's ultimate ability is to initialize a self-destruction and then jump out of her mech. It will explode and kill or deal massive damage to anyone that is in line of sight. D.Va can then continue to play as her pilot form or call in a new mech, which is her pilot ultimate.

  • Make sure to combine your ultimate with your Booster ability
  • When pressing the Ultimate Button while flying, your ultimate will be cast in that direction
    • That way, enemies won't spot it directly and will have trouble finding a good hiding spot
    • There are also fewer obstacles that could get in the way of the explosion when the mech detonates before it hits the ground again
  • The Self-Destruct can also be of good help, when you need to make space around the payload for a few seconds because enemies will try to run for a hiding spot

Call Mech

D.Va changes to her pilot form either by self-destructing or by having her mech destroyed by an enemy. Her ultimate ability in pilot form is to summon a new mech that gives her 300 health and 300 armor. The appearance of the new mech deals 250 damage to an enemy at a distance of 2.5 metres.

  • If your mech is available again, always call it if you are low on health or if your team strikes into battle again, because they probably need the tank
  • If you call your mech next to enemies, you can deal a lot of damage to them, and even kill any low health enemy
  • Be aware, that you will probably become the center of attention once you have returned to your mech form
    • Enemies can still damage and even kill you, while entering the mech

Hopefully this guide was of help to you. If you want to improve your skills furthermore, take a look at this:

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