Loverwatch, el simulador de citas de Overwatch 2: Cómo desbloquear todas las recompensas y el final secreto

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Blizzard released the Overwatch 2 dating sim Loverwatch. By giving the right answers, players can unlock a secret ending and earn unique rewards as well as an iconic highlight intro for Hanzo.

Loverwatch cover
How to unlock the secret endling in Loverwatch, the Overwatch 2 dating sim | © Blizzard Entertainment

Did you know that you can date Overwatch 2 heroes? The new Loverwatch dating sim makes it possible. To satisfy their fans' special needs, Blizzard has now released a dating simulator, which allows fans to date Genji and Mercy. And don't come around saying you only play it for the rewards. We both know that's not entirely true. Just don't let anyone see your search history...

It doesn't really matter why you're playing it. Either way, there are rewards to collect. Here is how to pick up everything, including the secret ending in which Hanzo confesses his feelings to you.

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Overwatch 2 Loverwatch Secret Ending And All Rewards

Blizzard has just launched Loverwatch and fans now have the chance to date Genji and Mercy in a corny but sweet dating simulator. When dating Genji and Mercy, you can either end up with an ending where they put you in the friend zone, or if you manage to persuade Genji or Mercy, reach the romantic ending which is rewarded with some nice collectibles. There is also a secret ending where Hanzo realizes that he and you are indeed meant for each other.

You will have until February 28 to unlock all endings and get the rewards.

But before you go off to seduce Genji and Mercy, make sure you have your Battle.Net account signed in on the Loverwatch website to transfer the rewards to your Overwatch profile.

Here are all rewards available in the Loverwatch dating sim:

  • Genji’s Peace: Player Icon, Title
  • Mercy’s Angel: Player Icon, Title
  • Cupid’s Arrow: Player Icon, Title, Highlight Intro
  • Valentine Cards: One to Sixteen
  • Card Fronts: One to Fourteen

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How To Unlock The Secret Ending

If you want to claim all the rewards available, you need to be on your best behavior. In order to get "Genji's Peace" as well as "Mercy's Angel", you need to achieve the romantic ending with them. If you manage to win them both and then play the game again, you unlock a secret ending where Hanzo, aka Cupid, becomes a playable route and you realize that the two of you were meant for each other from the start, so you confess your feelings to him.

By completing this confusing love triangle (or square?), you'll be rewarded with Cupid's Arrow and Hanzo's iconic new POTG Highlight Intro.

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Redeem Rewards

First make sure that you are logged in with your account. Then you can go to the main menu of the Loverwatch website, go to "Rewards" and then click on the "redeem" button. Now everything should be transferred to your player profile in Overwatch 2 within 48 hours.

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