Overwatch 2 Fans Feel Tricked By New Battle Pass

Blizzard is accused of deliberately tricking Overwatch 2 players with a strange decision concerning the season 3 battle pass.

Overwatch 2 Widowmaker
Overwatch 2 players are angry at Blizzard again. | © Blizzard

Overwatch 2 season 3 just started and brought with it a new map, many hero changes (see them here in the Overwatch 2 patch notes) and a significant change to the battle pass, as it now allows players to earn credits. However, Blizzard implemented this feature in a really strange way and fans are, once again, upset with the developer.

Overwatch 2 Fans Are Upset Over New Battle Pass Feature

Blizzard announced, that players will be able to earn so-called Legacy Credits in the Season 3 battle pass. Legacy Credits are a carry-over from Overwatch 1 and can be used to buy a selection of items, like skins from the first game.

However, the premium currency of Gold Coins is what players need to buy items in the shop, like hero bundles, brand-new skins and more. Everywhere in the game, Legacy Credits are color-coded as white, Gold Coins are gold (duh). But sadly, not quite everywhere...

For some reason, Blizzard decided to display the Legacy Credits, which you can earn in the battle pass, in gold, making them look like the more-valuable premium currency. This led to furious reactions from players and accusations towards Blizzard of being "deliberately misleading".

Overwatch 2 just released a Battle Pass with deliberately misleading rewards, duping countless players into buying it. from gaming

It's a truly baffling decision, and another self-inflicted wound by Blizzard. It's unclear why they did this. Surely, this kind of negative reaction to such a strange move was predictable. Especially considering how unpopular the free-to-play model of Overwatch 2 is.