PlayStation 5: Sony Finally Changes This Annoying Feature

Remember the first time you turned on your PlayStation 5, after finally getting your hands on one? What was the first thing you noticed? Beep! For many users, it went from just slightly inconvenient to absolutely annoying in only a few months. Worry no longer, though – Sony is finally doing something about it!

The PlayStation 5 will annoy you a little less in the future. | © Sony

Whenever you turn on your PlayStation 5, the first thing your console will do is greet you with a beep. The same thing also happens when you turn the console off or put it in stand-by mode. This has annoyed players around the world. However, a recent beta patch suggests that this is coming to an end soon.

The dreaded beep is finally customizable. This gives you the chance to turn it off entirely! To do this, all you have to do is to go to your settings, pick the 'System' option and to find 'Beep Sound'. To mute the beep sound for good, pick the 'Mute Beep Sound' option.

If you want to keep it, you can adjust its volume too. All you have to do is to pick the 'Volume' option instead.

Further Quality Of Life Changes Are Made As PlayStation 5 Finally Allows To Turn Off Beep Sound

PS5 Update
You can finally search for games in the PlayStation 5 menu. | © Sony

This is not the only update to the PlayStation 5. Sony are making further quality of life changes to the console menu. One of them is that they finally allow you to search for a specific game using a search bar! You can now also show off to your friends much easier, as they allow you to display previous tournament results for various multiplayer games in the console menu.

Players who do not like to uninstall their games will also receive a hardware-targeted update. Sony now allows M.2 SSDs with a maximum capacity of 8 TB, which doubles the previous amount!

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