PlayStation 5 Update 7.0: Feature Overview – Discord Is Finally Coming

Next month a new major update for the PS5 software is coming and with it many features gamers have waited for. One of these is of course the implementation of Discord. Here are all new features summarized.

PS5 Slim
The new PS5 update 7.0 is coming and it's loaded with new features! | © Sony

The new update for the PS5 will soon arrive and with it, you can get some really cool new features, foremost of course the integration of Discord. We've truly waited quite a long time for this, but first let me explain to you in detail what is coming to your PS5.

Currently, a select few have the opportunity to already test the new features in a Beta. So keep your ears open on Twitter for their feedback on it until it comes out on March 8th.

New Social Features For PS5

First let's start with the big new social app of the update. Discord will finally be available on PS5. This brings with it a wide array of features to share your gaming life with your friends. Remember that you will have to link your PlayStation Network and Discord accounts.

You will be able to join a voice chat from your PS5 and talk with them easily, while playing games. This also enables the ability to show your online status and the game you're currently playing just like on PC. Besides the link between accounts, you also need a discord app on PC and mobile to get the voice chats going.

Ps5 discord voice chat
I am so looking foward to Discord voice chats | © Sony

Especially cool is the new ability to share your screen directly from their profiles. So if your friend ever gives you a game as a gift, they can now watch you play it. Similarly, if a friend plays a game you have and is joinable, with a click of a button a party request can be sent.

Another neat thing is a little window showing you on each game, which friends own and play it. Often these things can slide under the radar, but not anymore! So annoy your friends by judging them for their game choices, even though you have it as well.

Sometimes you get a really nice view in game and just want to share it online for many to see. Soon you'll be able to manually upload those screenshots to the PlayStation app to show off to everyone. Funnily enough Sony is also implementing a voice command option, so in future you simply need to call out to your console to get that perfect shot or video.

Other Additions And Improvements

One big improvement in the performance department is the Variable Refresh Rate support for 1440p. Most modern TVs are compatible with this, but to be sure you can do a test in the settings of your PS5.

PS5 VRR 1440p
Better performance, better game! | © Sony

A little quality of life change can be found in the game library. Sony implemented filters and the sorting of games, while you add them to your gamelist. Also, new filters will be implemented for VR and VR2 games.

Of course with the new ability to join games of friends easily, a countermeasure is needed for the solitary players. So in the settings under [Saved Data and Game/App Settings] > [Game Presets] > [Online Multiplayer Sessions] you can adjust the feature and throw some people in the shadow void.

With the new availability of the PS5, many of us can finally upgrade from the PS4. One big obstacle though is the saved data. What if I'm 100 hours deep into a completionist run of Final Fantasy VII Remake? Don't fret, because when you install a PS4 game on your new console, it gives you an option to directly download the data from your PlayStation Network Cloud. Important to know: For this to work, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Following a similar thought the transfer between a PS5 and another PS5 is also simply possible through a local Wi-Fi Network or LAN cable.

Besides these bigger changes, we can expect some small improvements with the Screen Reader and the updates to the DualSense Wireless Controller.

And that's it! Pretty packed, but honestly we needed many of these more socially oriented changes. Let's wait for the Beta tester to give their verdict, before trying them out ourselves in March!

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