Discord On PlayStation: Release Window Revealed

Finally, PC players on Discord can communicate with PlayStation users. Is this the final barrier to perfect crossplay?

The barriers to crossplay continue to fall. | © Discord & Sony

Guys, the time has come: Discord on PlayStation! Back in May 2021, Sony officially announced a new partnership with Discord aimed at bringing the popular communications service to PlayStation consoles. A potentially effective move in the fight back against Microsoft.

Neither Sony nor Discord announced an exact release date for the integration at the time, but the announcement indicated that it would take place in early 2022. And indeed, on February 1 Discord integration finally arrived. We were fairly accurate in our predictions when we first wrote this article; we don't have full functionality yet, but, we can now link our Discord and PlayStation accounts.

Update, October 28: Release Window For Discord On PlayStation

On October 28 Tom Henderson, writing for Insider Gaming, reported that Discord would be launching on PlayStation on March 8, 2023:

Sources have suggested that PlayStation’s full Discord integration will take place during the version 7.00 Update that is scheduled to take place on March 8th, 2023.

Tom Henderson has been wrong on a number of occasions by now, so he doesn't quite have the "perfect leaker" status he once had, but we're still inclined to believe this date. It just makes sense that something like this would be packaged with a wider software update, rather than being deployed in its own separate patch.

Discord Finally Comes To PlayStation

As of February 1, 2022, you can link your PlayStation and Discord accounts, allowing you to display the game you're currently playing as your Discord status. It's not much. We'll admit that. Obviously, voice chat (the thing Discord was invented for) would be useful. But it's a start. And further down the road we can surely expect more features to be integrated, perhaps even as soon as at February's State of Play…although it seems like one big Gran Turismo show.

How Do You Connect Your PlayStation Account In Discord?

You can very easily connect your PlayStation account in Discord, just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Discord.
  2. Click on the little cog above your name in the bottom left to open settings.
  3. Navigate to “Connections” under “User Settings”.
  4. Click on the PlayStation symbol to be redirected to the Sony sign-in page.
  5. Follow the instructions there and sign in to your PlayStation account.

Congratulations, you've now connected the two accounts, and whichever game you're currently playing will be displayed on your Discord status. You can disable this feature under connections at any time if you wish for your PlayStation activity to remain private. You don't really gain much from having it enabled anyhow.

At least one good feature of Discord on PlayStation right now is that your friends might see you're online and hop on to join you for a game. Don't have any friends? No problem, just join the EarlyGame Discord server, and you'll always find people to play with.