Pokémon Unite: Mamoswine Guide

With Mamoswine Pokémon Unite gets a new defender. Find out here how Mamoswine can make the difference in the Pokémon MOBA!
Pokémon Unite Mamoswine Guide
One of the weirdest Pokémon I've seen. | © Pokémon Company

Jump on the hype train, it's not over yet! With the release of the mobile version on September 29th, the Pokémon MOBA has further enlarged its community and provides a lot of good content with regular updates. In addition to Blastoise, Snorlax, Crustle and Slowbro, Mamoswine is the next defender in Pokémon Unite. A new Pokémon, a new guide - we'll show you how you can own not only mums, but also your opponents!

How To Play Mamoswine in Pokémon Unite?

Mamoswine Guide: Basics

Prepare for some dirty fights with Mamoswine! As a tank you'll have to deal with some serious damage and sacrifice yourself for your teammates. Mamoswine was born for his role as a defender and can decide the game with his cool ice attacks. Here are its stats:

  • Offense: 2.5/5
  • Endurance: 4/5
  • Mobility: 2/5
  • Scoring: 1.5/5
  • Support: 2.5/5

Mamoswine Guide: Evolution

You'll start the match as sweet Swinub. At Level 6 you turn into hairy Piloswine. At Level 10 your evolution is complete, and you appear as the mighty Mamoswine.

Mamoswine Guide: Unique Abilities

  • Thick Fat: For every damage taken, Mamoswine's Defense and Special Defense increase (but only up to three times). When using Ice Shard, Icicle Crash or Ice Fang, the next Basic Attack deals more damage. If Mamoswine freezes an opponent in its own points zone, the speed at which the opponents redeem points is reduced.
  • Basic Attack: Every third attack briefly freezes hit opponents. Attacks against frozen Pokémon cause additional damage.

Mamoswine Guide: Moves

Level 1

  • Ice Shard: Mamoswine throws three ice crystals at an opponent. Targets are slowed. If all ice crystals reach their target, the opponent will be frozen.
  • Tackle: Enemy takes damage and is thrown into the air.

How to build: Tackle mainly helps you in the fight against wild Pokémon. Ice Shard is great against your opponents... mainly because you can freeze them. There is no right decision here, in the end it depends on your own playing style.

Level 6

  • Icicle Crash: The attack deals damage in a certain area and slows the enemies hit. The last crystal explodes after a few seconds or after the use of another attack and freezes the enemy. If the explosion is triggered by tackle or High Horsepower, the ground turns into ice and your mates get a speed boost for that area.
  • Ice Fang: The selected opponent is thrown in one direction, then thrown into the air and gets frozen. If this Pokémon hits other enemies, they take damage and freeze as well.

How to build: Both attacks are good for giving your teammates an edge in combat. If you don't have the fastest Pokémon on your team, go for Icicle Crash. With a Charizard as your carry, for example, you might want to go for Ice Tooth.

Level 8

  • High Horsepower: Mamoswine runs in a certain direction and deals damage to the Pokémon in its path. After his sprint, a field is created in this area in which all opponents receive damage and can no longer move for a short time.
  • Earthquake: Mamoswine jumps in a certain direction and lands on the ground again. Enemies take damage and get pulled towards Mamoswine.

We would recommend you Earthquake. After all, pulling opponents towards you can be extremely important for your teammates.

Level 10 – Mamoswine Unite Move

  • Mammoth Mash: Mamoswine jumps in the air several times in one area and lands on the ground. During the attack, the Pokémon becomes immune to interferences. With the last stomper, all opponents in this area are thrown into the air.

Mamoswine Guide: Item Build

  • Held Items: Focus Band, Buddy Barrier and Score Shield
  • Battle Item: Full Heal

When it comes to items, your focus should be on regeneration and protection. With the focus band you can restore important HP in critical moments, the buddy barrier gives you and your mates a protective shield. The scoreboard provides another shield that lets you and your team collect points undisturbed.

Concerning the fight item, we chose the Full Heal. The item ensures that you lose all negative status effects and are immune to them for a short time. So you make sure that you don't have to leave in the most critical moments.

Mamoswine Guide: Game Strategy

Mamoswine does what a normal mammoth would do – be damn tough. The Pokémon is difficult to get down and lives up to its role as a defender. So you don't have to do anything other than tank, tank, tank. Attract the attention of your opponents, protect your mates. With your items you can withstand the attacks of the opposing Pokémon for a pretty long time. With good a support by your side, you are practically invincible.

Mighty Mamoswine doesn't convince you? No problem, we got you covered:

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