PS5 Pro Leak: DevKits In The Next Few Months?

An insider just leaked that the PS5 Pro is in development, and DevKits should be sent out soon.

PS5 Slim
The PS5 Pro isn't as far away as you think. | © Sony

It was a great disappointment to recently hear that neither a PS5 Slim nor PS5 Pro would be released by September 2023. But there is a new reason to be hopeful: DevKits for the new PS5s should at least be sent out to developers by the end of the year, which means the actual release for these consoles isn't far away.

PS5 Pro Leak: Is The New PS5 Version Already Being Produced?

Tom Henderson, one of the most well-known leakers, has now confirmed that the PS5 Pro is in development. Not only that: Henderson assumes that the development kits (DevKits) will be sent to the first developer studios soon.

By the end of the year at the latest, all studios should have been supplied with DevKits. From this point on, nothing should stand in the way of the release of the PS5 Pro.

In this report from Henderson, he announces with "100% certainty" that "the PlayStation 5 Pro is currently in development."

PS5 Pro: The Smaller But Better Brother

The PS5 Pro will most likely get a new look compared to the standard version of the PS5. The contingent development of PS consoles has always been characterized by the fact that the successors to the standard version have become smaller. This is a practical matter for consumers, this year more than ever. The PS5 is a pretty bulky console.

In addition to the pragmatic design adjustments, the PS5 Pro will also become more powerful. In exact terms, this probably means more disc space, a more powerful GPU, and better ventilation.

  • With all the hype surrounding the PS5 Pro, we can already recommend a great game to prospective buyers: The Last of Us.

Unfortunately, the innovations will probably also be reflected in the price. For many PS lovers, the smaller, better brother of the PS5 should be incentive enough to jump on the PS5 Pro hype-train.

Maybe GTA 6 will be out in time for the new PS5?

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