"Before May 17": Why Fans Believe GTA 6 Will Be Announced Soon

Latest rumors suggest that GTA 6 might be officially announced very soon. Let's take a look at why fans believe GTA 6 could be revealed before May 17.

The latest rumors suggest that GTA 6 could be officially announced very soon... | © Rockstar

Everyone is waiting for GTA 6! Hell, even just some new or finally an official announcement... Even after the huge GTA 6 leak that happened last year, we still don't really have any official info on GTA 6. Thanks to some fans and a lot of speculations, however, we might have a rough time window for the official announcement.

GTA 6 Announcement Before May 17, 2023

According to some rumors, GTA 6 might be officially announced before May 17. Why, you may ask yourself? Well, let's see:

On May 17 the upcoming Take-Two Interactive investor call will take place. Usually, these calls include a bunch of info about on games that are currently in development, so it is pretty likely that we will get some info on GTA 6 at that point. However, fans think the official announcement could be even before the investor call. After all, official documents of said calls will usually be made available to the public, if they aren't leaked directly anyway. Thinking of this, it would absolutely make sense for Rockstar and Take-Two to announce the game before that.

If Rockstar really won't reveal GTA 6 before May 17, we still have our hopes up for an announcement later this year. After all, the 10th anniversary of GTA 5 will be on September 17...

Yep, we still don't have any official info on GTA 6, but we are sure at least the announcement will take place this year. Release date predictions range from late 2024 to 2025, so there is still a long way to go, but at least an official announcement should be coming soon.

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