PS5 Silently Copied Popular Xbox Feature

Sony and Microsoft are two brands that constantly compete in the features of their consoles, including by copying from each other. Sony has just done this for the PS5 with their latest update.

Xbox Ps5
Which console do you choose? | © Sony/Microsoft

Xbox and Playstation have always divided the gaming community in half due to their features. Contrary to appearances, these two consoles of different brands have a lot of similarities, they achieved this by copying from each other. Last generation, the PS4 had many features that the Xbox One did not have. The PS4, on the other hand, lacked features that the Xbox One had. And so on and so forth...

New Feature In Playstation 5

According to reports by "Wario64" on Twitter, the latest PS5 update added a new feature – which is obviously copied from the Xbox.

Being more specific, with the new PS5 update if a user buys a digital version of a game already installed on a disc, they can use the same disc installation to play the digital copy without inserting it into the console. The same happens with games downloaded via Playstation Plus.

Loyal supporters of PlayStation will surely be extremely pleased to see another convenience added to their console – despite the fact that the Xbox long had this feature.

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