Remnant 2: How To Get The Realmwalker Armor Set

Players seem to have trouble unlocking the Realmwalker armor set in Remnant 2. Don't worry, we got you.

Remnant 2 Explorer
The Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2 has the Realmwalker set as default. | © Gunfire Games

Remnant 2 is a huge success and fans of the franchise are enjoying the souls-like shooter. Like in the first game, Remnant 2 has quite a bunch of secrets and a ton of items and gear that can only be unlocked in a very specific way. In Remnant 2 there are even a few starting classes (Archetypes) that have to be unlocked in a first playthrough before you can pick them.

One of the things that also needs to be unlocked in a specific way is the Realmwalker armor set. This is the armor of the Explorer starter class, but how can you unlock it with other characters?

Remnant 2: Unlock The Realmwalker Set

Well, it actually isn't even that hard to unlock the Realmwalker set. First of all, you need to unlock the Explorer Archetype, since the Realmwalker set is his starting armor. To do so, you simply have to beat the final boss of the campaign. As a reward, you will get the Golden Compass item that you can return to Wallace at Ward 13 to craft the Engram and thus unlock the Explorer Archetype.

Now you can go to Whispers, the guy who is selling armor sets. Whispers will sell you the Realmwalker set, as you can see in this picture:

Remnant 2 Realmwalker set
Whispers will sell you the Realmwalker set. | © Gunfire Games

If you want to start a new campaign anyways you can also just pick the Explorer Archetype and you will start with the Realmwalker set straight away.

So here's a quick summory again of how to unlock the Realmwalker set:

  • Beat final boss of campaign
  • Craft Explorer Engram with the Golden Compass
  • Buy Realmwalker set at Whispers / Pick Explorer when starting a new character

And that's it, easy as that. Are you already grinding or still intimidated by the hard bosses? If you are just getting started, you should check out our guide on the best starting classes

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