Resident Evil 4 Charms Explained - What They Are & How To Get Them

Resident Evil 4 charms are a new mechanic in the remake, which can grant you very useful bonus traits. Here's everything you need to know about the new charms.

Resident Evil 4 Charms
Resident Evil 4 charms explained – everything you need to know. | © Capcom

The Resident Evil 4 remake introduces a lot of changes to the original game. Among the new mechanics are the so-called charms. They are a kinda strange addition, but end up being super useful for making your life easier in the game. In this guide, we will show you everything you need to know about charms in Resident Evil 4.

Resident Evil 4 Charms Explained

Charms are little figurines which you can attach to your case. They give you small but very useful bonus attributes, like more healing power, discounts at the shop or crafting bonuses. There are 30 charms in the game, each with a different rarity level, and you can attach up to three on your case. Oh, and the best thing about these: each charm is modeled after a character or item from the original Resident Evil 4. Very charm-ing indeed.

Here are some of our favorite charms in the game:

  • Merchant: 5% off weapon upgrades
  • Leon w/ handgun: 30% off knife repairs
  • Don Esteban: +15% shotgun shells craft bonus frequency
  • Leader zealot: +10% health recovery for green herbs

How To Get Charms

The process of getting charms is a bit weird. You get charms with tokens, which you earn by performing well at the Merchant’s shooting range. There are four shooting ranges in the game, with three different challenges each. Performing well will earn you silver tokens, completing a challenge with S ranking will even grant you a gold token. Later in the game you can also exchange Spinal for gold tokens at the Merchant’s.

Resident Evil 4 Shooting Range
The shooting range is not just hella fun, it also allows you to get charms. | © Capcom

You can use these tokens at gumball machines, located by the shooting ranges, which will randomly give out different charms. One charm costs three tokens. Earning gold tokens is very useful, as they increase your chances to earn rarer and more powerful charms.

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