Resident Evil Outrage: Leaks & Release Date Details

Resident Evil Outrage is the sequel to "Resident Evil Revelations 2". When will it release, though?

[Update, May 31, 2022]

Hey, so... this game still exists. Weird, right? We haven't head anything new about Resident Evil Outrage in a while. Earlier this year, people had suspected that it might release in May 2022 (after the original leaked release date of 2021 didn't pan out), but as you can see, no Resident Evil game released this month.

We can't tell you anything new about it right new other than that we will immediately let you know once we hear anything. Sorry, folks.

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Back in November 2020, there were first leaks about a new Resident Evil game, which is only known as "Outrage" so far. Resident Evil Outrage is supposed to be the third part of the "Resident Evil Revelations" series and features Rebecca Chambers as the main character. New details about the game have been revealed shortly before the release of Village.... Coincidence? We hardly think so.

What Is the Story of Resident Evil Outrage About?

Resident evil rebecca chambers
Rebecca Chambers will be the protagonist in Outrage. (Credit: ultimatepopculture.fandom)

Not much is known about the story of Outrage yet. However, since it is the sequel to Resident Evil Revelations 2, we strongly suspect that the game will go in a similar direction. The Revelations series was mostly based on the old strengths of Resident Evil and had two playable main characters.

So far, the only thing known about Outrage is that Rebecca Chambers will play one of the main roles. Her first appearance was in the very first Resident Evil from 1996, and she was already featured as a main character in Resident Evil Zero. The insider Dusk Golem, who is responsible for the leaks, hinted that he already knows about the other protagonists as well. They are supposed to be familiar characters:

Which Platforms Will Resident Evil Outrage Be Released On?

According to Dusk Golem, Resident Evil Outrage will have a time exclusive release on the Nintendo Switch. After that, it will be released for all other platforms as well. However, it is not known how long Outrage will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

When Is the Release Date For Resident Evil Outrage?

An exact release date is not known yet. However, the time frame has already been narrowed down considerably. Dusk Golem still believes in a release at the end of 2021. Two Resident Evil games in one year?! That would almost be overkill. Alternatively, a release date in early 2022 is also possible.

Why Is It Called Outrage Instead Of Revelations 3?

Since this is largely unconfirmed information, it should of course be taken with a grain of salt. But in itself, it all sounds very realistic. It also raises the question of why the new Resident Evil is traded under the title Outrage and not as Revelations 3. Maybe because they want to cause "outrage" with it? I don't think so...

Resident evil revelations metacritic
Revelations 2 only received mediocre ratings on Metacritic. (Credit: Metacritic)

It's possible that Outrage is just a working title for the new Resident Evil game. Or it could indicate that the Revelations series will continue to develop and break new ground. Allegedly, more work time and budget will be invested in Outrage than in the previous games. So we can expect a more than worthy successor that doesn't have to hide from Resident Evil: Village.

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